New-York Based Film-Maker Niloy Chakrabarty's "Manasik" (“In My Mind”) Psychological Thriller: A First Look

Film Poster: Manasik - In My Mind (Bengali, 2013)

New York, NY, Dec 28, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) New York-based Bengali-American film writer-director Niloy Chakrabarty is fascinated by cinematography, films and complex psychological narratives. His interests come together in his debut short film Manasik in Bengali which he conceptualized and directed. The film is expected to release in January of 2013.

Trailer: Manasik (In My Mind)

Chakrabarty asks in the synopsis of his film, "What makes a killer a killer? Is it the circumstance or is it some type of genetic predisposition? A psychiatrist finds out through his research but cannot escape the truth."

Manasik (English title: "In My Mind") is a 20 minute, quick view, new genre, psychological thriller. It reflects the attributes of a human mind and the hallucination it builds to execute actions which are evil.  A representation of David Morrell’s theory “Self action may be derived by mental thoughts” takes shape on celluloid when professor Dr. Gupta tries to empirically prove through a researched book on the relationship between gene theory and killing instinct of an individual. Dr. Gupta’s theory concludes that a trial may be unnecessary for a murderer as his actions are more self-inflicted (genetic) than environment posed which may cause the justice system to think differently.

Manasik is shot entirely on DSLR using basic studio lights and props.

Character Sketches

Dr. Gupta

Shankar Ghoshal (Dr. Gupta)

Well known psychiatrist, lauded for his ground breaking research on the workings of brain, authors a book that tries to conclude (prove) that a murderer’s actions are “genetically derived” than “circumstantially posed”.


Pinaki Dutta (Prakash)

Corporate law firm representative who violently opposes Dr. Gupta's theory and ready to go to any extent to prove he is wrong.


Rumela Chakrabarty (Interviewer)

A popular TV show interviewer curious to understand Dr. Gupta's research and the effects it may have on the judicial system.


Joy (Vagabond)

Happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time


Shankar Ghoshal (Dr. Gupta)

Shankar is one of the pioneer of Bengali theater in US. His acting, directing, and production experiences at Kolkata and USA span more than thirty five years. He has played the roles of lead actors under renowned directors like Badal Sircar and Amol Palekar. He had his theater schooling in New York.

Pinaki Dutta (Prakash)

A well-known face in the NY tri-state area, Pinaki has acted in and directed numerous plays in India and abroad. He has had the privilege of working with eminent film and theater personalities - like Amol Palekar, Rudra Prasad Sengupta.  He has also worked in a few commercials and a documentary for CBS News.

Joy (Vagabond)

Joy is an upcoming actor. He is frequently seen in ad films and music videos.

Rumela Chakrabarty (Interviewer)

Rumela debuts in Manasik. Rumela is Niloy Chakrabarty’s (Director’s) wife and has been actively involved with the project from pre-natal stages.

Music / Background Score

Aninda Bose

Aninda is a musician, ad film maker, director – he is a trained sitarist and a certified sound engineer. His last album Rim Jhim was ranked amongst the top 500 world albums 2011 in digital media by Rev Nation.

Vasanth Vaseegaran

Vasanth is a composer and an ace keyboard player. His last album Karuvarai (Tamil) won rave reviews. Vasanth performs as an arranger and a band lead with greats like Yesudas. Vasanth is the son of south india’s leading brass and wood-wind player Mr.Vaseegaran.

Bengali Script and Direction

Chakrabarty adapted “Manasik” from the original screenplay “The Killing Gene”. He felt that this riveting psychological thriller should be transformed to a simple act on celluloid for the bigger audience to appreciate.

Other than film-making, Niloy Chakrabarty spends time consulting for a technology multinational and can be reached at niloyc at gmail.