Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy (2012) - A Film by Sandip Ray (WBRi Bengali Movie Review)

Jekhane Bhooter Bhoye (2012) Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster

Kolkata, Dec 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ghost stories are always entertaining to listen to, and better even to watch cinematographic adaptations of on the silver screen. When three such stories of different genres are packaged into one full-length Indian Bangla feature film, the audience looks forward to a treat on the big screen. Director Sandip Ray’s latest venture Jekhane Bhuter Bhoy is a set of three back-to-back short stories, all taken from the finest of Bengali Literature.

Watch Abir Chatterjee on his character in Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy

The film comprises of Sirshendu Mukhopadhaya’s ‘Bhoot Bhabisyat’ and Satjyajit Ray’s ‘Anath Babur bhoy’ and ’Brown Saheber Bari’. Stylized in a narrative form, the film opens up with a group of children gathered in front of ‘Tarini Khuro’ (Paran Bandhopahay) who tells them the three stories.

The first story is based on Ray's ‘Anath Babur Bhoy’ which is about Anath Babu's passion for ghost hunting in various haunted places. He goes to spend a night at a haunted house in Ragunathpur.

The next story is based on Ray’s ‘Brown Saheber Bari’. A passionate reader gets his hands on an old diary in which he finds a strange account by an English gentleman. Someone named Simon had come back from death to meet Mr. Brown every evening. This takes the reader to the old mansion of Mr Brown in Kalimpong.

The last story is based on ‘Bhoot Bhabisyat’ situated in a typical Bengali village where a man spends a few days. He gets stalked by a ghost who used to an old native of the village. The ghost tells him a secret which changes the fortune of the man.

Saswata Chatterjee steals the show  for his role in the third story. Paran in his double role as the ghost in ‘Bhoot Bhabisyat’ and as ‘Tarini khuro’ the narrator delivers a great performance. Abir Chatterjee is quite likeable as the voracious reader in ‘Brown Saheber Bari’, but this lighter role does not offer him the opportunity to unleash his charisma like his avatar as ‘Byomkesh Bakhshi’. Dwijen Banerjee does justice as the ghost-chaser Anath Babu in ‘Anath Babur bhoy’. Mousumi - the only actress of the film - does not have to do much other than smiling with her lips and eyes.

Sandip Roy has directed the Kolkata Bangla movie in a style which may be more apt for television film. Sasanko Palit’s cinematography stands out, especially in the first story. Every frame he has captured speaks of his mastery over the art. Subrata Roy as the editor has complimented him well.

The film is far from the supernatural horror type, and is great for an evening out at the theaters for families with kids. If you want to spend one and a half hours with your family in the week of Christmas, a movie theater where the film is showing is your place to be at.

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