Interview: Actor Sumeet Sharma "Khalnayak nahi nayak hu main"

Having played the villainous roles on small screen Mathura resident Sumeet Sharma’s debut feature film releases on 28th December. Produced under the banner of (Chandigarh based) Pinta & Dehal Productions the film is directed by Harish Sharma. Recently during the music launch of the film we spoke to Sumeet, following are a few excerpts.

Indian Bollywood Film Actress Aakshi Khari Hot Scene with Sumeet
Actress Aakshi Khari with Sumeet Sharma

What is the story of this film? Tell us about your experience during shooting.

The story of the film is about 5 friends who go to Pithoragarh for vacation and trekking. During this journey they face the presence of negative forces that is trying to harm them but they do not understand what is it that is trying to cause harm to them! During this time one of their friend also disappears which prompts them to leave the premises immediately. This is a supernatural film directed by Harish Sharma. Harish Sharma is an accomplished name in the PR industry and this film is his directorial debut as well. It was a good experience working with everyone. All the actors had met for the first time but soon we became friends and even till day we have that friendly bond between us. The shooting of the film is done in Morni Hills which is near Chandigarh so along with scaring the audience we will also show them the beauty of these hills.

This is your first film and a horror film, what was the reason you said yes for the film?

The only reason is the story of the film. The story of the film is a hero! When you watch the film you will know. In spite of being a low budget film there is no compromise done with its quality. There are no obscene scenes in it which will make you squirm.

Tell us something about your character.

I have played the character of Harry and the story revolves around this character.

In horror films music plays an important role what do you have to say about the music of this film?

The music of the film is in accordance to the demand of the story. Varsha Narayanan has given film’s music and has also sung the songs. Our co-star British Singer- actress Milli Moonstone also has sung in the film.

On small screen you have donned the roles of a villain while in this film you are the main lead, what difference did you feel?

From the point of view of an actor there isn’t much difference, an actor acts irrespective of whether character is negative or positive. However, from the point of view of the audience a hero will always earn appreciation and a villain will always be the receiver of their cusses. I have entertained the audience with my negative roles in serials like Hello Dolly, Sarkar, Saat phere, Bhabhi etc. and now I will entertain the audience with my debut film “2 Nights in Soul Valley”