On screen chemistry with one heroine, off screen chemistry with another

Actress Aakshi

Mumbai, Dec 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sumeet Sharma who plays the lead character of Harry in director Harish Sharma’s film “2 Nights in soul valley” portrays a perfect on screen chemistry with the co-star Aakshi Khari who plays the role of Harry’s girlfriend Shanky.

Actress Meenakshi

Sumeet and Aakshi gelled well with their characters and the scenes - be it a kissing scene or a romantic sequence - they put it up brilliantly.

However, Sumeet’s off screen chemistry was more interesting than his on screen one. The other heroine of the film Meenakshi Arya and Sumeet Sharma were seen often huddled together spending hours with one another and when one would go asking for them they would turn up only after lot of persuasion, such was their bond.

Buds of this bond had blossomed even before the shooting of the film began and it continued till the last shot was taken.

After reading this readers might consider it to be a gossip piece but these are behind the camera facts on screen chemistry with one heroine and off screen chemistry with another.

Actor Sumeet Sharma
Sumeet Sharma