Actors with similar name in film “2 Nights in soul valley”

Meenakshi Arya
Meenakshi Arya

Mumbai, Dec 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film “2 Nights in soul valley” is a super natural film which is releasing on 28th December. The film makers of this film faced quiet a lot of coincidences, highlighting a few of them. In this film you will find actors with similar names.

Sumeet and Aakshi
Sumeet and Aakshi

The similar name phenomena might sound amusing to some but the film unit faced a lot of problems during the shoot initially.

If they would call one actor the other with the same name would turn up! The film has 3 Meenakshi’s, 2 Sumeet’s and 2 Umesh's working together.

Film’s lead actress Aakshi‘s real name is Meenakshi, the other actress playing the character of Lovely is Meenakshi and the dialogue and screenplay writer of the film who appears in the role of a mother in the film is also Meenakshi.

Similarly there are two actors with the same name, one is Sumeet Sharma and the other is Suumit Sharrma.

Sumeet who plays the character of Harry, the protagonist is the resident of Mathura while Suumit who plays the role of Lucky is a resident of Delhi.

Umesh Verma who is from Delhi has done still photography for the film while Umesh Singh was the film’s production controller who also appears in the film as a porter.

Now the whole name game might have been a tad comical but to resolve the same name issue the unit started calling the actors with their character names. Smart move, wasn’t it?

Sumit Sharrma
Suumit Sharrma