Radhe Maa cleared of Mahamandaleshwar award controversy

Mumbai, Dec 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Five-members Juna Akhada enquiry committee clears guru of all allegations; Mahamandaleshwar status to be confirmed.

The Juna Akhada has cleared spiritual guru Radhe Maa of allegations that had followed after she was awarded the coveted Mahamandaleshwar status by the organisation a few months ago. The Akhada, an ancient order of Hindu monks, had instituted a five-member inquiry committee to investigate whether Radhe Maa was guilty of conduct unbecoming of a Hindu sanyasin.

Following 4-month long investigations that took the committee to various cities across India and interviews with hundreds of officials, organisations and prominent Hindu gurus, the Akhada has decided to confirm Radhe Maa’s Mahamandaleshwar status along with that of 62 others at the forthcoming Kumbh Mela in Hardwar next month. Radhe Maa’s devotees are understandably ecstatic with the reports.

Clearing the air over the controversy, the Juna Akhada has also confirmed that contrary to allegations no proof has been found of money being taken in exchange for the Mahamandaleshwar status given to Radhe Maa. The Juna Akhada has kept Radhe Maa’s visit under tight wraps to ensure that all ceremonies confirming the guru’s mahamandaleshwar status are performed without a hitch during the forthcoming kumbh.