Rooh Organizes Unique Nine-Hour Kolkata Music Festival

By Priyanka Dutta

Bongo Kolklata Bangla Band

Kolkata, Dec 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Rooh Music with the Pailan group organized “Rooh Music Festival” on 20th December, 2012. Rooh music has long been associated with the launching of new and upcoming talented musicians. They also have been engaged in the promotion of various musical albums with the help of shows, events and new releases.

Chronic Xorn
Chronic Xorn

The company has been laying great emphasis on the greater aspects of the music industry. They therefore help to release both new-age and traditional music. This music festival is a carnival with the main message being “United we stand, Divided we fall”.

Held at Mani Square Mall, Kolkata, the event started from twelve o’clock and continued for a period of nine hours.

This is the first music festival organized by a music company in Kolkata. It is also eventful as nearly all the genres of music have been covered in the festival. From Rock music to Jazz to Baul sangeet- the festival was a great meeting ground for musicians from all over the state. Not only eminent music personalities came to grace the event, but even new musicians were given the chance to showcase their talent in front of the huge audience that gathered at the Mani Square Mall for the program.

The bands and the music personalities who performed include Srijoni - New Light, Twist in tale, Kartik Das Baul and group, Chronic Xorn, X-Raf, Abhisek Basu, Srote India, MOH2, Sudipta Gain, Bong-go, Gaanbashi, Suman Chatterjee, Protisruti, Paratish, Eeshan, Alienz, Kendraka feat Kartik Das Baul, Ananya Bhattacharya and Somnath Ghosal.

The performances by the musicians left the crowd enthralled at the event. They cheered the musicians and even requested them to sing particular songs of their choice. The great response from the crowd made the event more successful. All the musicians paid a tribute to the Pandit Ravi Shankar who passed away recently.

Kartick Das Baul
Kartik Das Baul

A common stand that was taken by the various musicians was against “piracy”. They highlighted on the negative aspects of piracy which led the artists to suffer and also the music company to incur losses in the process. They urged the audience to but CDs and DVDs of their albums and not resort to downloading the songs from the internet. This was one request which was made by nearly all the musicians who participated in the music festival.

Rooh Music Festival therefore was a grand event not only because of the presence of so many eminent musicians but also because of the huge audience support that the event received at the Mani Square Mall.