Interview: Actress Aakshi Khari

Aakshi Khari

She started her career as a Model, this Delhi based girl Aakshi KhariAakshi Khari debuts in feature film “2 Nights in soul valley” which is releasing on 28th December.  Produced under the banner of Pinta & Dehal productions the film is directed by Harish Sharma. Aakshi has though worked in ads and has been an accomplished model yet this being her first film we spoke to her about the film and her role. Following are a few excerpts.

How did this film happen to you?

I was informed about the auditions that were going on for this film. I gave my audition and was selected. I got selected just 2 days before the unit was scheduled to leave for the shoot.

What type of film is “2 nights in soul valley”?

This is a horror film but which doesn’t have any obscene scenes, no blood or gore, no monsters, it is just the story. The story of the film is strong enough to engage the audience from start to finish. The film is directed and written by Harish Sharma.  Since I am all eyes for horror films I can vouch that this film is very different from the other horror films that you’ve seen.

Where all is the film being shot? Who all are your co-stars?

The film is been shot in Chandigarh’s Panchkula, Morni Hills and Pithoragarh. Apart from me, the film stars “Office-office” fame Hemant Pandey, Sumeet Sharma, Meenakshi Arya, Gaurav and Suumit.

Aakshi Khari

You have been a model so was acting difficult?

Aakshi Khari

No, not at all! Harish Sir’s guidance made my first debut film not just easy for me but also memorable. We also had an acting workshop before the shoot began, even that proved to be a lot helpful.

How was it working with Hemant Pandey?

Very nice! Pandeyji is a senior veteran actor in spite of that he never made us feel that way on the sets. He was friendly and dedicated towards his work. As also he would correct us if we ever went wrong while rehearsing or filming. 

Tell us something about director Harish Sharma, how was the experience of working with him?

Harish sir is very cool person and it was a nice experience to work with him.

Film has two other heroines as well, were there any problems between you three ever?

No, in fact we all had fun during the shoot. We became very good friends. There was never any ego problem or any other problem between us.