WBRi Bengali Movie Review: BALUKABELA.COM (2012)

Indian New Kolkata Bangla Movie Poster: Balukabela.Com

Kolkata, Dec 20, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Director Partha Sen’s latest venture ‘Balukabela.com’ is a punch of comedy, emotions and romance.  The story is set a sea side tourist spot where four guys, four girls with their teacher and a married couple find themselves together in a hotel called Balukabela. Later the boss of the couple also steps into the hotel adding more spice to the story.

The film opens with four guys (played by Rahul,Rudranil, Indranil and Abhiraj) heading to a popular beach destination. On reaching the hotel they find that four girls (played by Payel Roy, Suchandra, Tania and Ambalika) who are on an excursion trip with their teacher and a guardian of one of the girls is claiming possession of their already booked rooms. After a brief altercation the confused owner of the Hotel (played by Paran Bandopadhay) convinced them to adjust and share the rooms. Gradually the guys start falling in love with the girls. The owner of the hotel also finds love in the teacher (Sudipa Basu) and their sweet love story takes off too.

At the same time a married couple (played by Locket and Prambrata) is also living in the hotel. They are lawyers who work under the same boss (Saswata Chatterjee). Their boss is a bachelor and does not allow any married person to work in his office. So the couple have concealed their marriage from their boss to save their jobs. Now after a long time after their marriage they have managed to arrange for their honeymoon escape from their boss.

But soon their boss also shows up there when he decides to spend a vacation at the beach destination. And the hide-and-seek game begins. The lives of the four boys also turn upside down as the very lawyer had earlier sent them to jail after false accusation. Moreover one of the guys attempts to get his hands on a human skeleton to sell it to a medical student, bringing more trouble to all of them.

What happens to the couple and their boss, the four guys and their new found love and the romantic fate of the elderly duo forms the rest of the story.

The leading actors Rahul, Rudranil, Abhiraj, Parambrata and Locket have done justice to their roles though such a large star cast does not provide much screen time to any of them except Rudranil. Rudranil’s double role comes as a surprise for the audience and is the greatest comic relief of the film. Rudranil is known for his versatility and carries both his roles well but he has overacted at some points in the film.

The beautiful young Bengali girls in the film have underperformed and it is clear that they should work harder to prepare themselves for facing the camera. Payel Roy has tried her best to portray her role of ‘girl in grief’ but she too has a long way to go in her acting skills. Bratya Basu, as the semi lunatic man in search of a route to Sri Lanka, is a surprise addition to the cast and his cameo is really worth watching.

The script is loose and could not bind the plot and subplots. The kind of editing needed for a film with so many subplots also could not be found. The background music, though, is decent and serves the purpose of creating different moods well.

Direction leaves space for improvement. The production house could have announced hefty amounts as prizes for guessing the relevance of the dot-com in the film's title as there is no hint at the answer in the movie.

One may find the songs good. A peppy number like ‘Gulabi gaal’ by Anita Basu and Zeenia Sen can be a popular dance number. ‘Tomay Gaan Shonabo’ by Somlata Acharya is a treat for lovers of soft numbers. ‘Choto Choto Swapno’ by Rupankar Bagchi and Zeenia Sen will also be loved by the audience.

The film may fall short of being memorable but anyone interested in a multicast film may consider buying a ticket to Balukabela.

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- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (jpmandal@washingtonbanglaradio.com)