Fevicol Overlays Actress Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor - Fevicol Se

Mumbai, Dec 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The recently released song “Fevicol se” of the much awaited film of the year “Dabbang 2” has Kareena Kapoor shaking legs to the track. Kareena was last seen doing an item number in Heroine and Agent Vinod. Now this being her hat trick item track for the year sees a combination of her predecessors. We noticed a few things about this song and Kareena. Here’s our review of the track and its item girl.

Kareena whose Pachhatar Ishare was a much liked song yet the attire was utterly shunned by the viewers and so were the moves. Coming to Halkat Jawani, the attire, the moves and the track scored full marks and topped the charts. Her third in a row -Fevicol se- though gets grace for its lyrics and the track, yet few things are amiss. Mamta Sharma’s voice doesn’t fit in for Kareena and neither is her attire suiting her. The attire seems to be close enough with the attire of Halkat jawani.

Taking a close look at her makeup, it somewhere resembles the Chameli Kareena from Chameli or is it similar to Pachhatar ishare…well, it’s probably a mix of both but even that seems to go against the personality and her song! The choreography of the song is not that catchy and in a few moves Kareena appears too manly! The moves either should have had the latkas and jhatkas of a nautanki or should have had less of those jhatkas but it seems to have neither which is attractive! More close scrutiny brings us to the point to notice the heaviness Kareena carries in this song. The dazzling Kamariya of Bebo is absent in this song. Look at her kamariya in Halkat Jawani and compare it to this song you will see Bebo has sure gained weight post marriage, or so it seems!

Kareena Kapoor - Fevicol Se

Overall the song has much flaws and according to our critics it would have suited Mallika better, but who will argue when it is the big boss who decides kay kisko nachana hai!

Watch Fevicol Se video song feat. from Dabangg 2.

- Iha Feature