TOR NAAM (2012) sweet reminder of teenage days: WBRi Bengali Movie Review

By Barshali Banerjee

Newcomers Swati as Swapna and Gaurav Bajoria as Raju in Bengali film TOR NAM (2012)

Kolkata, Dec 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Kolkata Bangla movie ‘Tor Naam’ is all about a sweet, romantic journey of two youngsters who met while studying in a boarding school. This is a story of a boy named Raju and his love Swapna who were destined to love each other.

The film has been directed by Jay Shankar and Satabdi Das. Incidentally both of the main actors Swati and Gaurav Bajoria are non-Bengalis and both are debuting with this film.

Raju (Gaurav Bajoria) is a teenager boy who comes from a  very liberal family. He was sent to a boarding school in Darjeeling to pursue his studies after graduating from 10th grade. His father (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty)  is  a very simple, educated and middle class family man who prefers to earn in an honest way and has a reputation of being a thorough gentleman. He never treads a wrong path and teaches the same to his son.

Raju wears the mask of a good boy and portrays his good activities before his parents but in reality he often discards their principles to enjoy life to the fullest.

When sent to St. Mary’s School in Darjeeling, he started living his own life in his own way despite being in a very strict environment. Therein, his life takes a turning point when he comes across a sweet and simple girl named Swapna (Swati) who gets admitted to the same school and in the same class.

Swapna with her impressive feminine features attracts Raju and slowly steals his heart. Whether it is the regular class hours or exam times, they cannot keep themselves from seeing each other.

Swapna, the daughter of a rich businessman (Victor Banerjee) also grabs the opportunity of being away from home and starts breaking rules and stigmas which she once had to follow at her home.

In time, some unavoidable situations arose and Raju was suspended from his school by the Principal (Kharaj Mukherjee). Swapna’s parents also take her home and they try to keep them away from one another. What happens to them subsequently is to be seen over rest of the film.

As debutantes the two young protagonists have acted well but they still have a long way to go. Portraying a father, Sabyasachi delivers his usual formidable performance. The film has some different twists and plots after the interval as a result of which the acting gets better.

Most of the sequences have been shot locally. The song sequences in north Bengal and hilly areas portraying the beauty of the Himalayas contribute to the aesthetic quotient of the film.

The music in the film by Akash is really something to look forward to. He has done an excellent job. Neeraj Sridhar of Bombay Vikings fame lent his voice for the first time for a Indian Tollywood Bengali movie project.  His song in the film ‘Confusion confusion’ undoubtedly is going to get the audience in a groovy mood. Romantic peppy numbers and the title track of ‘Tor Nam’ by Zubeen Garg has much to make the audience to hum along.

Rabiranjan Moitra had shown some quality work as the editor of this film.

The director duo indeed have handled the newcomers in an impressive manner - especially the ways they have directed Swati and Gaurav in some beautiful romantic scenes.

In short we may say despite the actors being newcomers and there being no biggies in the lead, the film can take us a long way back and makes us remember our first crush in school days.