Photographer's Tent Catches Fire During Shooting of "2 nights in Soul Valley"

Fire in the Tent

Mumbai, Dec 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film shooting and accidents go hand in hand and this is exactly what happened, when 2 Nights in Soul Valley made under the banner of Pinta & Dehal productions, was shot in Morni Hills near Chandigarh.

The climax of the movie was to be shot, three tents were pinned and the cold was so unbearable that all the actors were shivering. Outside the tents was bonfire and amidst the shoot the actors were absorbing heat from the fire.

The scene was where the protagonist of the film, Harry, was unconscious and surrounding him were Shanky, Lovely, Jenny, Vicky and Lucky. Director Harish Sharma was busy in explaining them the scene and everyone was very serious while listening as the scene was very intense.

Rest of the unit were watching the shoot very silently, when suddenly smoke started coming out from one of the tent and slowly the flames were also visible. Suddenly the attention was diverted towards the fire and the unit started panicking and the situation was getting out of control.

However, slowly – slowly the situation came under control and an accident was prevented. Later on everyone breathed a sigh of relief, in the very tent which caught fire in which Delhi based Umesh Verma, the still photographer for the film “2 Nights in Soul Valley” was sleeping.

This film made under the banner of Pinta & Dehal productions is directed by Harish Sharma, screenplay and screenplay is written by Meenakshi Sharma and Suman Prasad, music is composed by Varsha and the songs are sung by Varsha and Milli Moonstone, cameraman is Prakash Chand.

The actors in the film include “Office-Office” and “Krish” fame Hemant Pandey, Sumeet Sharma, Aakshi, Gaurav Shah, Meenakshi, Suumit Sharrma and British singer and actress Milli Moonstone.

Still Photographer Umesh Verma
Still Photographer Umesh Verma