BAPI BARI JAA (2012) fresh attempt at celluloid portrayal of youth (WBRi Bengali Movie Review)

Kolkata Bengali Movie Bapi Bari Ja (2012) Team
The Bapi Bari Ja team at Park Hotel in Kolkata (WBRi file picture)

Kolkata, Dec 9, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Bapi bari ja’ is a youth-centric film which depicts the tale of a young guy’s voyage through a sea of confusion and dilemma and his attaining of maturity.

The film is yet another bold and fun-filled venture of the director duo Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha whose last film, ‘Teen Yaari Katha’, was acclaimed by critics and film-lovers in spite of it's delayed release. BBJ is a joint venture of Venkatesh films and actor-producer Prosenjit Chatterjee, and turns out to be one of the most watchable movies of the year.

Bapi (Arjun Chalkraborty) is the central character of the film. He comes from a wealthy family that runs a leading jewelry retail chain. Bapi is innocent and a simpleton. He spends a lot of time playing computer video games and often has weird dreams as a result. His close buddies include Dola (Mimi Chakraborty), Jijo (Anindya) and Riju (Dhruv). Mimi has been his friend since third grade.

Soon a lot of events spice up their lives. Riju and Jijo are contemporary guys who love to have fun and have a lusting eye for girls. In no time Jijo finds love in Hasna (Teesta), one of the friends of Dola and his love life (or rather lovemaking-life) starts with a bang. Bapi’s suppressed desires burst out one night as do his pillows. This incident along with the exposure of some pornographic material in his possession prompts his family to arrange for his marriage.

By that time Bapi realizes he has feelings for Dola. But Dola turns him down.

Enter Shiuli (Shamli), the girl with whom Riju’s marriage was being arranged. The smart and motor-mouthed girl makes Bapi tumble his story out. Shiuli promises Bapi to win Dola for him and the drama begins.

The rest of the film is a journey through realizations, crises, emotions and attachments. What happens to Bapi and whom he finally chooses as his life-partner are part of the tale that follows.

Arjun Chakrabarty has played well his role of an innocent, generous and non-complex guy. Bapi is a rounded character and Arjun has well potrayed the transformation of the character. Mimi looks quite pretty on the big screen too and her big screen avatar seems to be sharper than her television persona. Dhruv as the frustrated guy Riju is an actor to watch for.

Anindya as ‘Tattoo shop’ Jijo also performs well but his tattoos take away the mind's focus off him. Teesta also fits herself in well essaying the role of Hasna.

Music by Jeet Ganguly carries his trademark patterns. The Bengali film songs are expected to remain on the charts for many days. Songs like ‘Sajna Barshe’ and ‘Chap nish na’ are already hits.

Overall the movie is a fresh attempt to explore the lives of current Bengali youth. If someone is tired of watching the supernatural thrillers, murder no-mysteries and unreal action sequences making rounds for weeks in the Indian and Kolkata Bengali movie scenes, this is the one movie that can can be refreshing.

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