Thousands of Bangladesh Youngsters Vow to End Violence Against Women at Huge Bengali Rock Concert in Khulna

Guest all on Stage at BAMBA-UNFPA Concert 2012 at Khulna
BAMBA-UNFPA Concert 2012 at Khulna: Guests on stage

Maqsoodul Haque of Nagar Baul
Maqsoodul Haque of Nagar Baul

Nagar Baul live on stage in concert
Nagar Baul

A crowded arena filled with mostly the youngsters, and music lovers. And numerous music aficionados still waiting outside the Khulna District Stadium. It was just like that. The crowd went crazy and started head-banging to hopping and singing in chorus when the much awaited UNFPA-BAMBA youth concert 2012 kicked off at 3:05pm. The youngsters expressed their solidarity with the cause. They joined the protest concert to unanimously say `No’ to all forms of violence against women and put a full-stop to eve-teasing NOW and took oath synthesized with the theme `Say No to Violence against Woman: Be a Real Man’ on 7 December 2012, Friday, at Khulna District Stadium. Al-Hajj Talukdar Abdul Khalek, City Mayor, Khulna, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Tariki Ul Islam, Secretary, Ministry of Women & Children Affairs, Mezbah Uddin, DC, Khulna, Shafiqur Rahman, Khulna Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Ajmal Ahmed Tapan, Panel Mayor-One, Khulna City Corporation, as the Special Guests.

Dalchut Bangladeshi Bengali Rock Band Live

UNFPA has been organizing this 16 day long campaign in Bangladesh in collaboration with BAMBA each year since 2010 sending a message that 25 Nov is the International Day to mark End Violence Against Women and 10 Dec is the International Human Rights Day. This concert is an effective tool to convey the message to the younger generation that we have to END Violence against Women in any form, because it is also a violation of the Human Rights of Women.

Sky Tracker Limited, the event management farm extended its full support to make this unique initiative as effective as possible. Dreek got on the stage first to perform and they have enthralled the audience starting with tracks. ‘Andar Manush’, ‘Rock you like a Hurricane’ and ‘Mora Jharner moto chanchal’. Mechanix performed right after them. After the Asr prayer break, the concert resumed at 4:30pm and Beduin and Nemesis, started their performance in sequence one after another.

After the break for Maghrib prayer, Shironamhin, performed their most popular tracks. After their performance, Mr. Arthur Erken, UNFPA Bangladesh Representative expressed his contentment teaming up with BAMBA for the third time for such a great cause because “Every woman has the right to live in dignity—free of fear, coercion, violence and discrimination.” He emphasized on this core issue and reiterated that we, the men, are the one who are doing this inhumane atrocity towards women, so it is our duty so refrain from doing so and make others and the members of the next generation realize that a real man simply does not do violence against woman at home and workplace and we can do better than this and can completely eliminate this atrocious practice if we earnestly want it to. A real man does not beat up his wife, or throw acid on the face, or physically or psychologically abuse any women. He said that we have to be very vocal about these malicious issues and incidents.

James of Nagar Baul
James of Nagar Baul

Bappa of Dalchut Bangladeshi Bengali Rock Band Live
Bappa of Dalchut


Fuad Nasser Babu of Feedback Bangla Band
Foad Nasser Babu of Feedback

Feedback Bangla Band

Shironaamheen Bangladesh Bangla Rock Band live on stage

Besides, Al-Hajj Talukdar Abdul Khalek, City Mayor, Khulna, in his speech said, the government has taken various initiatives to eradicate this malice from our society. But we can only make it possible by working together if we really want to resolve the ongoing practice of violence against women. We will not be able reach the target objective ignoring the 52% of the total population who are women. So, from this very instance all of us have to take a vow that we would say NO to violence against women in any possible form. Tarik Ul Islam thanked this initiative by UNFPA and BAMBA and said; let us all make a promise that we will STOP violence against women from right now. Foad Nasser Babu, said, well, we really needed a larger venue because there are so many people gathered here to express their solidarity with the cause of the campaign. They were also accompanied by Mezbah Uddin, Shafiqur Rahman, Ajmal Ahmed Tapan, Afsana Taher, Chief of Operations, UNFPA, Asma Akter, National Program Officer (Communications), UNFPA, Md. Maruf Hasan, Program Officer (Gender), UNFPA, Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu, General Secretary, BAMBA along with representatives of the partners of this auspicious event, TV channel: Cannel 9, Newspaper: Daily Ittefaq and FM Radio: Radio Foorti. The concert was anchored by Sajid and Aleef.

Nemesis Bangla Rock Band from Bangladesh Live on Stage

Nemesis Band Vocalist Zoad
Zoad (vocalist) of Nemesis

MC Alif, Jamshed, Linkon and MC Sazid
Emcee Alif, Jamshed, Linkon and Emcee Sazid

Beduin Bangla Band

Mechanix Bangla Band

Mechanix Bangla Band

MC Alif & Sazid
Emcee Alif & Sazid

Feedback, Prometheus and Dalchhut performed their popular tracks and the audience became hysteric. After the break for Isha prayer, the audiences went hyped and all puffed up when Nagar Baul appeared on stage and performed ‘Leis fita leis’, ‘Dustu chheler daal’ etc and ended with ‘Bhigi bhigi raat’. Maqsood O’ dHAKA, Warfaze performed their most enthralling tracks. Lalon appeared on the stage as the last performing band sending the audience into frenzy.

Gate No 1 with Ticket@UNFPA-BAMBA Concert 2012 Khulna
Gate No. 1


ictures: Presley Jayson (Cool Exposure)