Dress like a Khiladi

Indian Bollywood Hindi Film Poster Wallpaper Khiladi 786

Mumbai, Dec 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The latest franchise of Khiladi series Khiladi 786 is all set to release this Friday and the Khiladi fans are in for a special treat.

The Khiladi team have come up with an innovative idea to please their fans.

The team has launched the ‘Dress like a Khiladi’ Contest which will give the fans a chance to get their hands on the Akshay Kumar’s costumes in Khiladi 786.

The trailers and dialogue promos have been well received by the audiences and the fans have like the way Khiladi Kumar has been styled in the movie.

The costumes of Akshay Kumar have been designed by Komal Shahani.

The digital idea has struck very well amongst the Khiladi fanfare as the entries have already started pouring in large numbers.

Three lucky winners will be gratified by the Khiladi costumes.

Barely 12 hours into the contest, it has already received over 1000 entries and going by it the numbers are just going to increase.

The Dress Like a Khiladi Contest is one of the biggest online activities that the movie has done.

Fans can easily enter the contest by simply uploading their Khiladi look on http://bit.ly/DressLikeAKhiladi.

This contest has helped in creating buzz about the movie amongst various communities online and it has also been a very innovative way of digital movie marketing.