MACH MISHTI AND MORE: Bengali Film Actresses to offer a Fair of Styles

Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Raima Sen
Raima Sen

Kolkata, Dec 4, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The lead actresses of upcoming feature film ‘Maach Misti and More’ are going to portray their characters in diversified looks that they have not been seen in before.

Parno Mitra, Pamela Bhutoria, Raima Sen and Neha Panda - leading ladies of director Mainak Bhowmick's new Tollywood Bangla movie - came together at a popular restaurant in Calcutta on November 29 to discuss their looks, roles and more with the media.

When Washington Bangla Radio asked Raima Sen if she attended workshops or did homework for preparing herself to get into the skin of her character (Ishani), she said, “I never do any kind of homework and thus have not done any for this role.” She also informed us that there was no hangover (the tendency of actors to continue to live their characters after shooting is over) of the character later.

Parno Mitra told WBRi that though the clothes that were handed down to her by the director were a bit loose in fitting, she did not face much trouble carrying herself wearing them. She also said, “This is the first time I am playing my age. Before this film I have always played women older to me.”

Actress Pamela Bhutoria told WBRi, “My character’s name is June. She is all the wrong things a woman can be. She is sexy and dashing. She is alcoholic and has a complex character. June is independent and seasoned. She has gone through many troubled waters. ”

Neha Panda, who will have dual credits in this film as an actress and also as a stylist, opened up the conversation. She declared on the outset she had only five days to get prepared before taking over the wardrobe. She then took up the task of designing the looks of the ladies one by one.

“Styling of Raima Sen was the most important” she said. “Raima’s character Ishani runs a spiritual healing centre in the film. She is a junkie and hippie. She wears a lot of mismatched clothes. I gave her pyjamas, headgear, jumpsuits, bandanas and beads to wear. I had the opportunity of experimenting with her looks. Thanks to Mainak ... no other director has given me this amount of freedom to experiment,” Neha said.

Speaking about her looks Raima said, “I look very different from my other films. This is the first time I am sporting a look like this. I am not used to wearing beads and headgear which I will be seen wearing in the film. But I think I have carried them just as required for the role.”

“Ishani, in the film is very talkative and talks very fast. I had to pick that up. But the real problem was faced at dubbing.” she added.

Raima Sen, Parno Mitra, Neha Panda and Pamela Bhutoria
Raima Sen, Parno Mitra, Neha Panda and Pamela Bhutoria

Parno Mitra is doing a cameo in the film. Her character Sunny is a college-going tomboyish girl. Neha Panda said, “Parno in the film is the female version of Mainak. Parno has used all Mainak’s own clothes to get the look of the tomboy and and all I had to do was to just give some touch ups to Parno”. Parno chipped in by saying, “Mainak was just saving money of the producer. I thought that as a college going girl I shall get to wear nice little clothes. But alas! Mainak dropped a plastic packet consisting of some shabby t-shirts, pants and a pair of baseball caps and told me that you are going to wear these. I could not believe it!”

In the film Parno shares screen space with celebrated actor Soumitra Chatterjee for the first time. About her experience of working with the Dadasaheb Phalke award winning actor, Parno said, “The great actor is a very cute person. She is nice and very patient. It was an honor to share screen space with him”

Actress Pamela Bhutoria, on the contrary plays a much older woman than her real age. She plays a divorcee working in the corporate world. Neha said she dressed Pamela in formals and expensive clothes, all in solid colors. Pamela will be sporting straightened hair in the film.

Neha also talked about her own looks. “I play almost myself in the film. My role is of a non-Bengali hailing from Mumbai. I will be seen in contemporary dresses like tops and hot pants. Discerning viewers will be able to tell my hair is blue in the film.”

Neha also let everyone know about the looks of the guys in the film. She said,” Shouvick's character has returned from the USA and will be seen in expensive jackets and suits. Param has a very laid back look. Anubrata is a modern young guy and thus will be sporting denims, cargoes and casuals.”

Obviously it is not difficult to conclude the film is going to be a fair of styles.

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal