Ghost from Chandigarh to Scare You in 2 Nights in Soul Valley

Yashan Jindal
Yashan Jindal

Mumbai, Dec 4, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) We found ghost in Chandigarh! Got that? No? Many of you will not get it, let us explain.

During the audition of (Chandigarh based) Pinta & Dehal productions film “2 Nights in Soul Valley”, the entire star cast was finalized, except the most crucial character the ghost around whom the story of the film revolves.

The director of the film Harish Sharma was tense as the date for the shoot was nearing and none of the actors who auditioned were suited the role of the ghost.

However, the entire unit left for Chandigarh.

The unexpected happened in Chandigarh as we found our ghost in the form of Yashan Jindal, who is a student of D.A.V school.

Although this is Yashan’s debut film, but he has done a great job in it.

This Ghost from Chandigarh has taken the responsibility to scare you and when you watch this movie this young ghost of 17 will surely let you know the meaning of fear.