WBRi Bengali Movie Review: SECTOR V (2012) - Murder Mystery Gone Bad

Still from Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

Kolkata, Dec 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Sector V’ is a murder mystery which can be a good example of how different aspects of film, if not handled tactfully, can be challenging to the mood of the audience.

Rajat (Suman Halder) is a dedicated scientist working in a pharmaceutical company. He gets immensely disappointed when he is removed from research assignments and is moved to quality control department by Proffesor Mallick (Barun Chandra), his senior. At the same time two other employees of the company including the General Manager were conspiring against Proffesor Mallick, the senior scientist who had a formula that promising to fetch millions from the international drug mafia.

After learning of Rajat’s disappointment, the conspirators try to make the best out of the situation and drag Rajat into their plan. They eventually kidnap Proffessor Mallick but could not lay their hands on the formula. Among all this, a murder happens at Rajat’s office. One of the employees (Avra) happened to be present when the victim collapsed and dies. He, along with his friends, decides to do the cop act himself and goes ahead to crack the case.

What happens after that and what awaits the kidnapped Mallick make the rest of the story.

Suman Halder tried hard to act in this film. His hard work will surely pay him back some other day but not with this film.

Barun Chandra, a veteran actor of repute should be more choosy about his roles as he hardly gets a chance to show his talent and experience.

Avra tries to look natural and composed. He definitely shows signs of doing better in the near future.

Apaala Mandal as Rajat’s live-in girlfriend is the only newcomer to watch out for. She has delivered an impressive performance, in spite of a disappointing script.

Rajatava Dutta as the cop does add some interest to his sequences but his talent has been wasted by barring him from much action. Apart from the last scene, he is always sitting in his chair at work.

Arijit Dutta (Dadul-da) has again demonstrated his ability to deliver remarkable and memorable antagonist roles.

Performances of the rest of the cast are nothing to write home about.

Compared to the many young new directors who are arriving almost every other week in Tollywood, Souryadeep Banerjee will find it difficult to be noticed with this film. He has also taken on too much - apart from direction, he takes the credit for the story, screenplay, dialogue, and even lyrics. He should have spared some of those jobs for the so many talented persons roaming around the city. It would have been a bit less painful for him (and for the audience, too).

The story was set back several times by revealing too many incidents way early on and thus become more than predictable. There is absolutely no background detailing in the script and the vital omission makes many sequences seem illogical. The lyrics penned by Souryadeep are the most forgettable ones of recent days. Even a dedicated Bengali film song lover shall find it a tall order to listen to these songs.

One cannot make juice out of beetel nut and the same has happened to the very talented editor Arghyakamal Mitra.

Among so many movies lined up to release around, only a miracle can save Sector V from drowning.

- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (jpmandal@washingtonbanglaradio.com)