David Guetta to perform in India, meet with Indian musicians on his trip to Goa

English: David Guetta in a concert in Mexico d...

English: David Guetta in a concert in Mexico during his worldwide tour "One Love Tour". Español: David Guetta durante un concierto en México durante su gira mundial "One Love Tour". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mumbai, Dec 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Making his second visit to the country, world renowned DJ David Guetta, who sold over three million albums and 15 million singles worldwide will be playing in Goa this weekend.

While undoubtedly the concert has fans excited, Stereo Nation’s Taz too is all praise for the music maverick.

Says British singer and composer Taz, credited with being the pioneer of cross-cultural Asian fusion music, “David Guetta's thumping dance floor sound has a huge impact on young Asian artists in terms of influence which goes to show that Music is something that has no boundaries and is a universal language”.

On his trip, this time around, David Guetta too is keen on meeting Indian musicians since he has always been fascinated with unique Indian instruments and sounds.

Reveals a source, “ David Guetta has always been interested in Indian music…he loves the classical sounds and is fascinated with the distinct Indian instruments – If time permits he is very keen on meeting Indian musicians and has asked the organizers to arrange a meeting or two..details of which are tightly being kept under wraps”.