Tobe Tai Hok (2012) - Showcasing Arts in Various Forms (WBRi Bengali Movie Review)

Swastika Mukherjee
Swastika Mukherjee

Kolkata, Dec 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Tobe tai Hok’ depicts various forms of art. Apart from the art through paintbrush, the art of wooing, the art of convincing (others as well as one’s own self), art of ignorance, art of ...

Kissing Scene Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Swastika Mukherjee Tobe Tai Hok Samadarshi Dutta
Samadarshi Dutta and Swastika Mukherjee

Samadarshi Dutta plays the protagonist of the Indian Kolkata Bengali movie as ‘Arya’. Arya is a painter who has painted on paper and other lifeless material. Aspiring to be a body painter, he is now searching for human female bodies to turn them into his canvas.

Bengali Sex Scene Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Swastika Mukherjee Tobe Tai Hok Samadarshi Dutta

He does get volunteers who are ready to bare all for his passion. But Arya is not the one who is ready to indulge in anything other than painting with them. This is because Arya is in love with Tilottama (Swastika Mukherjee).

Arya is a passionate artist who lives in a world of his own. He is stubborn and a weirdo who reacts in a nasty way when things do not go the way he wants. He does the same with Tilottama. Tilottama ultimately goes on to marry Amartya (Joy Sengupta). Amartya who hails from the royal family of Hridoypur is a Psychiatrist by proffesion. Though the royal power of his family has long gone, the kingdom lost in the pages of history and his once gorgeous palace worn down by the blows of time, he still possesses some traits of that royal mindset.

As you can guess in a Tollywood film, Arya incidentally is one of the patients of Amartya. Amartya, without knowing about the past of Arya and Tilottama, invites Arya to his ancestral home to do a art-series on the worn-out palace. He also instructs Tilotama to assist Arya.

Arya and Tilottama apparently hide their past but a crazy and alcoholic Arya is not one to let the facts be buried silently. He tries again to get back Tilottama. What happens when Arya goes all out for Tilottama and how the drama ends forms the rest of the film.

Hot Bengali Sex Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress Sraboni Ghosh Samadarshi Dutta
Samadarshi Dutta and Sraboni Ghosh

Samdarshi has been given a hyper character to play and he gives his all to portray it. Joy Sengupta is quite good at playing his character and has balanced his body language well between that of a kind-hearted doctor and a proud descendant of a royal family. The sizzling hot Bengali actress Swastika Mukherjee as Tillotama is the center of attraction by default as everything that happens in the film owes her character in some way or other. She looks perfect as a Bengali homemamker. Angana Basu as the widowed aunt-in-law of Amartya has also done justice to her character.

Swastika Mukherjee and Joy Sengupta
Swastika Mukherjee and Joy Sengupta

Direction and story of this film is by Saugata Roy Barman. He has no doubt taken the Bengali film industry a step further in maturity with this film. The narrative and visual aesthetics of the film are marvelous. Saugata has shown passion so many times in this film but every time he has altered the intensity of it. The two love-making scenes with Amartya and Tilottama are good examples of the contrast. The kissing scenes may come across as a bit overdone, and the story sometimes loses its captivity and also occasionally becomes predictable.

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Wedding Marriage Night SceneSwastika Mukherjee and Joy Sengupta
Swastika Mukherjee and Joy Sengupta

Mrinmoy Nandi as the cinematographer has done an outstanding job. Many of his shots can be framed as portraits. A lot of songs sung by Raghab Chatterjee , Rupankar, Shubhomita, Rupam and Anwesha have been used in the background score which supplement the camera work well.

Art director Amit Dutta deserves a lot of credit for enhancing the film's aesthetics and providing Mrinmoy Nandi with some excellent frames to capture.

The film will be more remembered for its impressive art, cinematography and music.

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