Oscar Nominated Music Composer Rupam Sarmah and Bengali Movie Honeymoon (erstwhile Alor Thikana) Introduced to Kolkata

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie HONEYMOON (2012)

December 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations): For him money isn’t good enough and award doesn’t mean much, but now that his composition has received international recognition, he dreams to bring the Oscar to his homeland.

We’re talking about Rupam Sarmah. And, no he isn’t the new kid on the block. Music has been in has genes since childhood (not technically though).  He hails from Assam and doesn’t forget to mention the influential role that the late of Bhupen Hazarika played in shaping his musical inclinations. And, he is in news for his Oscar nominated documentary feature film, In Search of God (for the original score).

On December 28, 2011, Rupam Sarmah along with the cast’n’crew of his recent music-direction venture “Honeymoon’ (rechristened from Alor Thikana) hosted a joint press conference to introduce us to his creations, inspirations, ideas and dreams.

Reaching a little late (delayed flight) and winning over the hearts with his charming smile all the way through, Rupam narrated the plot of ‘In Search….’, sprinkling it with anecdotes from his life and hinting a bit on what made him finally give in to the director’s bugs!

In fact, Arup Bhanja was all praises for Rupam’s work, while introducing the members of the press to his recent directorial debut, ‘Honeymoon’.  Flanking him were, Sangita Nandi along with newcomers Sagar and Aarav - pretty excited about their forthcoming film. Clearly, it was a matter of pride for all present just to be able to sharing the stage with an Oscar nominated music director.

Slated for a January release, Honeymoon (2012) it is a story about six college-goers who tie the knot against their parents’ wishes and choose Digha as the destination for their ‘Honeymoon’ (and so comes the title). Thereafter, a series of mysterious incidents occur, hinting at a not-so-usual honeymoon trip. Also featuring Paoli Dam, Bikram Chatterjee and Rupa Bhattacharjee as the other protagonists in the main plot, it’s just a matter of time before the audience stamp their approval (or otherwise) on this commercial flick.

On the other hand, In Search of God, the docu-feature showering all the limelight on the composer-turned-director Rupam Sarmah, has in the meantime received mixed reviews for its, “story of love not hatred”. Inspired from a real-life story, ‘In Search..’ is about Kavita, a been-there-done-that MIT graduate, who has purportedly attained all that the material world had to offer and is not seeking a spiritual enlightenment through her search of the Almighty. This journey takes her to her motherland Assam, followed by a guided trip to Majuli, the largest river island in the world and home to the Satras – a neo-Vaisnavite culture conceived centuries ago by Srimanta Sankardeva, an Assamese saint.

In collaboration with Alan Roy Scott (from the ‘Top Gun’ fame), Rupam Sarmah’s original score is definitely the highpoint of this 60 minute documentary. Violence in the name of religious difference disturbs him, he says. To vent-out the inner turmoil he seeks refuge in lyrical compositions, and he has done so in Asamese language, more than once. His philosophy isn’t new to us – the need to bring out the inner God and serve God through serving people. But how often do we see an attempt to share it with the rest of the world? Examples aren’t rare, they are just infrequent.

Rupam’s tryst with music isn’t infrequent though. In the past he has worked with the likes of Usha Utthup, Rupankar, Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan in private music albums and has composed music for Bangla films like ‘Sagar Kinare’  and the more recent ‘Honeymoon’. And, now he has also entered the genre of documentary style film making, with ‘In Search of God’.

What is the purpose of Life? – It’s a question that we all tend to ask ourselves at one point of time or another. Five languages and a plethora of spiritual assimilations from Israel, Assam, Bengal, Tibet, along with flavors of folk from his motherland have gone into rendering a rooty feel to the tracks. This is what, he feels, has attracted the attention of the Academy to the compositions. Oscar or not, Rupam sure deserves accolades for his heart-felt and honest attempt at answering this pertinent question through an ultimate journey - In Search of God.

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie HONEYMOON (2012)

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie HONEYMOON (2012)

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie HONEYMOON (2012)

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