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Lucknow, India, December 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / good things must come to an end…and so is the BIG MEMSAAB, Heartland’s first reality show for women. BIG MEMSAAB, the popular reality-based radio show and on-ground property from 92.7 BIG FM, in its 4th year made its television debut on BIG MAGIC. After several selection rounds and semi finals, the glittering finale will be telecast on BIG MAGIC on Sunday December 18,at 7.00 pm. Goldie BIG MEMSAAB, offered a unique platform to the women of UP, to take center-stage and showcase their hidden talent which deserves acknowledgement, applaud and recognition.

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Seven cities and its beautiful women participated in this overwhelmingly received show, where these gutsy women were given the opportunity to step out of the confines of their homes and showcase what they are best in. After several short listings and on ground activities the women were chosen to reach the finale.

While the finalists walked the stage in their glory, each showcasing her strength & talent, they were cheered by their family & friends and of course the people of the region. This is not all---they had the popular actor & performer of the region, well known Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari all through cheering and supporting the finalist. The crowds went in to raptures as Manoj simply had them entertained throughout along with the peppy and charming anchor Natasha Sharma, Sia of Na Aana Is Des Laado…and her co anchor, the popular local RJ Purab.

The evening saw some great performers like the musical duo from the region, Alok Pandey Manoj Rathod, sing their way to people’s hearts and the little Bal Kalakaars of the region mesmerizing the audiences with their pure and flawless singing. The judges for the evening were Dr Malvika, who is also a singer, poet and academician and Sunita Aron, Senior Resident Editor of Hindustan Times, an ideal combination of woman power to judge the winner.

Amidst excitement, cheering and the deliriously happy crowds the winner was chosen. The winner is Dr Richa Saluja, a dentist from Kanpur and the runners up are Reena Bhatt from Jhansi and Simmi Oberoi from Kanpur. The crowds could not stop cheering the bundle of talent showcased by their very own women.

Don’t miss the exciting finale of BIG MEMSAAB on Sunday December 18, at 7.00 pm on BIG MAGIC.

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