Don 2

don24b "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, na mumkin hai" this branded dialogue comes off the screen, the theater roars with whistles, claps and yells of the typical first day release of a flick starring a mega star here in Calcutta (probably in the whole of India).

Don 2 begins where Don of 2006 (directed by the same Farhan Akhtar) left off in Kuala Lumpur.

Here in this sequel Don (Shahrukh Khan) gets himself arrested only to reach his arch enemy Vardhaan (Boman Irani in a brilliant portrayal) in a Jail where the latter is serving his sentence. After a few bitter moments between the two, they plan to escape the facility and it's only then the real 'meat' of the movie begins when Don plans to steal four Euro currency note plates from the DZ Bank of Berlin. Along with his moll, Ayesha (Lara Dutt) and Vardhaan, they move into Berlin via Zurich (Switzerland).

don12   In order to get his hands on the plates, Don employs ace criminal Jabbaar (Nawwab Khan), his goons, Sameer (Kunal Kapoor) andbank official Diwan (Aly Khan) in the most coolest manner.

Om Puri as Police Chief Malik is as usual impressive but the portrayal of Priyanka Chopra as Roma is just average, compared to which, Lara's Ayesha, stand out!

Snazzy chases, choreographed Fight scenes, mind blowing camera work by Jason West (Rock On fame) and wonderful Sound Design by Nakul Kamte.

Anand Subaya, the Editor of this movie has done the most impressive and commendable work as he will not let you to wander around aimlessly in the toilet or puffing a cigarette else where as long as this movie is going on! The editing is so tight, though some critics are mumbling about the second half being a little slow, however, I disagree, as the main part of the movie is in the second half, the details and the finer elements of the script needs to be worked out in an orderly fashion...hence the drop in speed maybe...but it was necessary!

The special appearance by Hrithik Roshan, appearing as Shahrukh Khan's sort of "doppelganger"  (Height 5' 11" or 6') entering a ball in Fund Raiser in Berlin, is devised brilliantly, but lacks the detail, as Farhan Akhtar the director should have  known that these supposed 'doppelgangers if cast and shown in a film (There's this wonderfully scary film called Doppelganger starring Drew Barrymore, which released in 1993) should be more or less of equal height and build. Compared to Hrithik's 6'where,  Shahrukh stands only 5' 7" with shoulders and a back lacking in every little detail to that of Hrithik Roshan. However this scene is a total lift from the "Mission Impossible" series by Tom Cruise as Ethan Hawke.

don13  The ending sequence is only nice; not 'good' or as ' surprising' like the one in 2006's Don.

Here in the last sequence Shahrukh's motorcycle plates carries the word "DON 3", which looks quite childish, thought the production team says that they have advertised "Don 3", the sequel quite subtly.

All in all a tight thriller but hard to remember after leaving the theater.