SECTOR V (2012) Bengali Movie Wraps Up Shooting, Release Expected Valentine's Day 2012

Still from Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

Kolkata, December 23, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio/ Penning Creations) Compromises with lifestyle, values and relationships; just to save that coveted job has become a way of life in today’s corporate world and this has been identified as the central theme of Souryadip Banerjee’s directorial debut - Sector V. With an aim to excite the young adventurous minds and attach great commercial value to this venture, the entire cast and crew has put in their heart and soul into making this new age movie and the sets of the last day shoot bore testimony to their dedication and love for good cinema.

Organized in the premises of United School of Business in Salt Lake, the last day of the shoot saw the presence of eminent actor Arijit Dutta (Dadul) accompanied by silver screen star Suman Halder, one movie old Apaala and other new and upcoming artists. The last remaining shots were completed with Dadul, Suman (as Rajat) and others giving their final touches to the murder mystery.  Apaala (as Chandrima) and other members of the crew also had their parts to play on the day to conclude the complete sequence.

The plot (not to mar the suspense) is based on the inside story of a pharma company where the harsh decisions of the top bosses do great damage to the career aspirations of a bright young scientist (Rajat) who, as a result loses his sense of judgment and falls into the company of drug mafias thus putting his career, love life and two precious lives at stake. Evident from the directors passionate efforts to give each take the perfect finish, this thriller with suspense, romance, drama and mystery all woven in one, gave us onlookers hopes of good entertainment in the Valentine’s week when the movie is expected to release.

Suraiya, Aapala as well as Suman, while speaking to the media were all praises for Souryadip. The wonderful friendly atmosphere and learning experience that they got from the director evidently stood out as the most cherished memories as well as experience for the entire cast and crew. Elaborating more on Souryadip’s dedication, Suman revealed that he even used to get calls from the director posing as Prof. Mallick threatening Rajat (Suman) of firing him from the job. Aapala on the other hand spoke at length about the director’s patience and faith in her which all the more helped in doing justice to her role.

Overall, the entire crew present in the sets seemed to be quite excited about the whole presentation. Under the able guidance of the director and ‘no questioning’ support of the producer everybody seemed to be very comfortable with their roles and confident about doing justice to their characters.

With the golden editing touches from Arghyagaman Mitra and soulful music from Biplab Chakraborty, Sector V comes with lots of promises for the Gen Y of Bengal. All set to connect with the audience, Sector V promises to draw the youth to the theaters in the Valentines week.

Watch an slideshow of exclusive pictures from the last day of shooting of the new Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie "Sector V".

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