Tollywood enters new ground with latest Bengali movie launch "Dekh Kemon Lage" feat. Sujoy Ghosh - Disha Roy

[JPG Image: Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Disha Roy]
[JPG Image: Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Disha Roy]
Actress Disha Roy

Tollywood Hero Sujoy Ghosh with Heroine Bengali Actress Disha Ray
Tollywood Hero Sujoy Ghosh with Heroine Bengali Actress Disha Ray
Tollywood Hero Sujoy Ghosh & Bengali Actress Disha Roy

Dekh Kemon Laage Tollywood Bengali Movie Poster / Wallpaper

Kolkata, Dec 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Rolling disco lights and Lady Gaga blasting through the speakers, among other pop stars. You would imagine it was some kind of glamor fest.

Wasn’t quite a red carpet ambience to send you in to an enamoured, glitzy, and excited fit, but this was the launch party of one of Tollywood’s latest ventures "Dekh Kemon Lage".

Held at The Basement, the launch was supposed to coincide with the shooting of the very first scene of the movie. The evening was attended by most of the cast and crew. Of them, the leads Sujoy Ghose and Disha Roy began the liaison with the media, providing brief snippets of what to expect of the film.

The movie consists of the Gods questioning the male dominated state of today’s society, and deciding to do something about it. The only obvious option is reversing the trend.

The movie is going to be directed by producer Rithvik Bhattacharya, making his directorial debut. Containing their emotions and possibly hiding their excitement about the movie, most of the cast remained coy on the storyline of the film.

One thing is certain though, taking on the concept of a male dominated society will not be something Tollywood has not dealt with before. Aparna Ray’s Paroma would be the first example that comes to mind. But that was a serious treatment of the delicate nature of men assuming the right to flex their muscles over the fairer sex.

But it would be fair to say that a comedic take on the subject has never been attempted by one of India’s oldest film industries. This could be tricky. The male lead Sujoy Ghose however, was extremely excited about it.

In his ninth project after films like Luck, Pather Shesh Kothai and the latest release Best Freind, Sujoy was seen looking forward to the project and its theme.

He said, "This is quite different from what people normally see in Tollywood films. It deals with the issue of male domination in society which I can’t say has been touched upon much before by the industry ... Yes there are quite a few differences between the genders, but this movie will be treating the subject carefully and bring out the funny side.”

His opposite, Disha Roy seemed to share that exuberance which seemed to be lacking among many of the others who attended. Comedy actor, Subhashish Mukhopadhyay revealed the reason behind his lack of excitement over the project – he hadn’t read the script yet.

Coming back to the female lead however, Disha had some social charm to exude of her own. Speaking to reporters, she said; “This is quite an unusual thing to see Tollywood handle. In the story, in retaliation to the male chauvinism, the society gets turned in to a female led one. Maybe the women, after watching the film, will do the same!”

We don’t know if that will happen yet. But it is fairly clear that however it does with the fans and critics, it will be something unusual. Good or bad? Wait and watch.

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