DVD Review: Peter Brook's "The Mahabharata" in Hindi - a Shemaroo Entertainment Release

By Ekta Kumari

Peter Brooks Mahabharata DVD Release

Shemaroo releases Peter Brook’s “The Mahabharata” in Hindi on DVDs - Winner of International Emmy Award For Best Performing Arts Program

Mumbai, Dec 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mahabharata is an epic that forms the part of rich culture, tradition and history of India. It is one of the greatest literatures of the world which is brought to life in an elaborate production from acclaimed theater and film innovator Peter Brook.

Shemaroo Entertainment releases ‘Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata’ in Hindi on DVDs. It was actually a 9hr- stage play termed as performing art which got which got reduced to 6hrs for DVD release. Brook and award-winning writer Jean-Claude Carriere worked for eight years to develop this epic concerning two sides of a royal family, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, whose struggle leads to a fascinating voyage of emotions, contradictions, and dreams, filled with subplots which are alternately comic and tragic but always gloriously entertaining. A seemingly simple tale of two set of semi-divine brothers vying for the throne spirals out to include wider theme of fate, free will, and the problem of behaving dishonorably to preserve the greater good.

Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata has also won International Emmy Award For Best Performing Arts Program. Now the title is newly re-mastered and restored for a dazzling audio-visual experience.

Watch the International Emmy Award winner title –  The Mahabharata in Hindi now!! “The Mahabharata” is economically priced at Rs 499/- only.

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