Anushka Sharma’s Live Video Chat Announced | Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl

Indian Actress Anushka Sharma

Mumbai, Dec 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl is the last release of the year for Yash Raj Films and is creating quite a stir amongst the audiences. Re-introducing the awesome chemistry of the sizzling Anushka Sharma and the ravishing Ranveer Singh, this rom-con movie promises to be an entertainment riot.

With the release of the movie due just weeks away, fans can now connect with the gorgeous Anushka Sharma, who plays the role of Ishika Desai – a street smart, sassy woman in the movie.

The live video chat with fans will happen today - the 1st of December at 6:00 p.m on the official Yash Raj Films, YouTube channel.

Anushka’s success is apparent in both the Indian and international markets with the huge number of people dying to get their lucky chance to connect with the sizzling beauty.

The previous live chat with Ranveer Singh was a stupendous success and we’re sure this one will be too. Watch a video announcement of the live chat event.

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