VIZIO M220MV 22-Inch 1080p LED LCD HDTV with Razor LED Backlighting Black

By Evolving Knowledge "The Blog Guy" (Torrance)

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To be fair the customer service reps that you get when phoning in are pleasant and helpful for the most part. However, if you've got a problem that they can't answer the higher level tech support staff doesn't want to hear from you.

Here's the issue. This model Vizio accepts a USB flash drive that can be used to put the television on pause (there are some issues with this feature that I won't get into here), updating the television's built in software, and displaying your personal photos. It's the displaying of photos that is problematic.

If you copy an image onto the USB flash drive Vizio does display the image--so long as it is not renamed.

The problem is if you rename the image Vizio doesn't recognize its existence. (The problem is duplicable on a Windows 7 64bit machine; don't know about any other systems.)

You'd think that since it is something that happens without fail the engineers would be interested in resolving the problem. Not so. Although I never had an opportunity to speak with one of the engineers directly the customer service representative had placed me on hold for a good fifteen minutes (interrupted with periodic, "I'm still checking..." updates) before coming back on the line to inform me that engineering is unwilling to look at the matter and that they could only suggest not changing the photo names.

So, if you happen to rename your photos from the standard date:time stamp, typical on most cameras, to something more useful like, "Yosemite_Vacation_Day_1", you are simply out of luck.

Renaming files isn't a problem that in itself is going to keep you from enjoying what would otherwise be a good television. The problem is that it is those little things and how they handle them that tell you how you're going to be treated Vizio in the long term.

My next set will be a Samsung.


The VIZIO M220MV RazorLED LCD HDTV is brilliant in color, rich in detail and deep in contrast – all in a razor thin design. This 22" immaculate beauty offers Full 1080p High Definition resolution for crystal clear images and razor sharp clarity and delivers a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for deeper blacks and brighter whites. The RazorLED M220MV also includes touch sensitive controls that illuminate when your hand draws near and fade away once you're done, and compact connectivity with two HDMI inputs.
An amazing 0.85" ultra thin profile at its thinnest point.

VIZIO SRS TruSurround HD technology graphic
Experience immersive virtual high definition surround sound.

VIZIO Full 1080p graphic
Razor sharp clarity via full 1080p High-Def resolution.

VIZIO Ambient Lighting graphic
Auto-adjusting sensors provide efficient ambient lighting.

But it doesn't stop there. Experience advanced sound technologies from SRS Labs and maintain the peace of mind in knowing this mercury free, energy efficient LED backlit LCD HDTV exceeds new Energy Star 4.1 Guidelines by 20% when its panel is turned on, conserving our planet's resources while saving you money.
Key Features
Front view of the VIZIO M220MV 22-inch RazorLED LCD HDTV
VIZIO brings efficient LED technology to small LCD HDTVs.
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    * 22-inch LED Backlit LCD HDTV featuring 1920 x 1080 pixels and support for 16.7 Million colors.
    * Razor Thin Profile only .85" thin (maximum depth 2.37").
    * Full 1080P High Definition resolution gives you over 2 million pixels, making the clarity and detail of your picture razor sharp.
    * 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio giving you deeper blacks and brighter whites.
    * Ambient Lighting is achieved as energy efficient sensors auto-adjust brightness for the perfect picture regardless of room conditions.
    * 170/160 Degree Horizontal/Vertical Viewing Angle results in a crisp and clear picture from most viewing angles.
    * Two Built-in 5-watt Speakers provide clear sound.
    * SRS Audio Technologies: SRS TruVolume evens out dynamics to limit volume inconsistencies between programming, while SRS TruSurround HD delivers immersive virtual high-definition surround sound out of the unit's two speakers.
    * Included Remote is stylish and enables you to easily control your TV.
    * ECO HD exceeds the current ENERGY STAR 4.1, saving you money on utilities, while limiting the impact on our planet.
    * Warranty: One year parts and labor, and free lifetime technical support.


    * HDMI (with HDCP): 2
    * Component: 1
    * RF: 1
    * S-Video: 1
    * Computer Input (RGB): 1
    * SPDIF Digital Optical Output: 1
    * Headphone Output: 1
    * USB: 1 (supports JPEG only)

Back panel of the VIZIO M220MV 22-inch RazorLED LCD HDTV
Inputs at the rear panel include 2 HDMI, 1 component, and more.
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    * TV with stand: 20.95" x 14.72" x 7.27" (WxHxD); 7.66 pounds
    * TV without stand: 20.95" x 13.74" x 2.36" (WxHxD); 7.60 pounds
    * What size TV should you get?

What's in the Box

VIZIO M220MV 22-inch RazorLED LCD HDTV, base with thumb screw, VIZIO VR9 remote (includes 2 AA batteries), user manual, registration card, quickstart guide, power cord.
Side view of the VIZIO M220MV 22-inch RazorLED LCD HDTV
Sleek profile, as little as .85".
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Technical Specifications

    * Screen Size: 22-inches
    * Tuner: NTSC/ATSC/QAM
    * Native Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    * Signal Compatibility: 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 480P, 480i
    * Computer Support: 1920 x 1080, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480 via RGB/HDMI
    * Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1
    * Brightness: 300 nits
    * Response Time: 5ms
    * Refresh Rate: 60Hz
    * LED: Yes - edge lit
    * Picture-in-Picture (PIP): No
    * Picture-outside-Picture (POP): No
    * Zero Bright Pixel Defect Guarantee: No
    * V-Chip: Yes
    * 3D Comb Filter: Yes
    * 3:2 or 2:2 Reverse Pull-down: Yes
    * ATSC with 8VSB and QAM Demodulation: Yes
    * ATSC with MPEG-2 Decoding: Yes
    * NTSC Video Decoding via Video: Yes via AV, S-Video, or Component
    * Progressive Scan Video: Yes, thru Component, HDMI
    * Remote Control: VR9
    * Panel Lamp Life (typical): 30,000 hours
    * Voltage Range: 240Vac at 50/60Hz
    * Power Consumption: 44W, <1W Standby
    * Wall Mount Hole Pattern: VESA standard 100mm x 100mm