BHOY (Bengali, 2011) and BHOY-2

By Aditya Chakraborty

Bhoy (2011) Bengali Horror Film Press Meet
Amitabha, Monami, Subhendu Ghose, Sarbari at Bhoy (Bengali, 2011) Press Meet
Image © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Dec 31, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Horror films are not a genre which Tollywood is adept at handling and just a couple of films have been released in the recent past on that subject. Therefore to make a film on that subject needs courage as the financial returns should be worthwhile and also the right treatment should be there.

Such a person Saibal Chakrabarty has come forward to support a film called Bhoy which is being produced by his production house Rekha Films 2009. The film which is co produced by Ajoy Biswas and is directed by Subhendu Ghose, tells us about an urban couple Amitabha and Rupsha who are on the lookout for a place and when they do manage to get hold of a place, it turns out to be haunted as a lady who previously used to stay with her child there had committed suicide. What happens next remains to be seen.

The film stars Amitabha Bhattacharya (interview), Monami Ghosh, Debaranjan Nag, Sarbari, Biplab Chatterjee, Soma Chatterjee, Abhishek Chatterjee and Satabdi Roy. The editor is Alok Dhara and the D.O.P Arabinda Dolui. The music is by Soumen Hazari and the lyricist being Sanjoy.

The director has already decided to make a sequel to this film called Bhoy 2 which will feature some more faces other than names mentioned above as well as Arijit (Dadul) Dutta. Well it really takes some courage to already have decided to back a similar film without seeing the fate of this particular film.

The film has it’s channel partners like Priya Entertainments, Fever 104 FM, Vodafone and Unimass Entertainment and is expected to release sometime in the month of January.

Incidentally the producer Saibal Chakrabarty who has produced Aamar Bhalolaga Aamar Bhalobasha in the past and has also produced another film Fight 1:1 another film awaiting release is a man full of life and in this film, he even appears in a dance number with Abhishek Chatterjee where he is seen dancing and having a ball and incidentally he has sung inthis film as well as Fight 1:1. Well he is sure one hell of a person!

A press meet was held at Princeton Club on 30th Dec,2010.