The eagerly awaited Bengali film, "Mushrooms"

Kolkata, Dec 30, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) A Sri Lankan genius is making his directorial debut in a Bengali movie, interestingly named “Mushroom”.  This inventive new talent from Colombo is an award winning film director named Vimukthi Jayasundara. He also excels as a visual artiste. His critically acclaimed film “Between Two Worlds” was showcased at the recently held 16th Kolkata Film Festival at Nandan.  His yet another widely acclaimed movie “The Forsaken Land” was also screened. Between Two Worlds has also received nomination at this year’s Cannes film festival.
Now he is all geared to direct his next film in Bengali, called Mushroom; based on the key component called “character”. The word Mushroom apparently bears a metamorphic connotation in the movie. He is shooting the film at various locations of North Kolkata, Rajarhat and in the outskirts of Bolpur. He has even rented a house in Kolkata for the shoot.
The young director has been always inspired by the great Bengali film makers like Satyajit ray and Ritwik Ghatak. Being an avid cine-buff and the student of the art form, he chooses to film a Bengali movie in order to pay his tribute to the masters of Bengali cinema, in their own mother tongue. He is also inspired by the work of Rabindranath Tagore- the poet and philosopher, who also comes from this land.

A close look at the city and the changes over the time it has witnessed in the form of urbanization helped Vimukthi to give his story a living edge.
Paoli Dam is the lead actress of the movie while Rahul plays the key role. Chandan Roy Sanyal, the talented Bollywood actor was also a part of this movie initially. However, due to the unavailability of the actor, Sudip Mukherjee has replaced him in Mushrooms. 
The protagonist of the film is a non-resident Bengali architect and comes here to search his brother. He loves communicating with nature more than human beings. After screening many actors, Vimukthi decided to freeze on Rahul as he seemed to be the appropriate one for the role.
The Hollywood actor Darwin Shaw who had featured in movies like “Casino Royale” and “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” is also making his debut in this Bengali flick.  Darwin is really excited to shoot for this upcoming venture in Kolkata as it means coming back to India, his original roots. However, he is still not sure whether he can make it to his father’s birthplace- Amritsar.
Darwin Shaw explains that the director has been a friend since the two met in Sri Lanka, this year. But he had no clue that the director would plan to cast him in his upcoming movie. However the Hollywood star is looking forward to having a splendid experience with a Bengali Film.
Vimukthi, through this movie wishes to navigate the haywire life of the lead character- the architect. He also refers to the urban lifestyle and set up which is so similar to the cropping up of mushrooms.