Jiyo Kaka (Bengali, 2011)

[Jiyo Kaka - Bengali Film Poster]

Calcutta, Dec 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The first-look posters and details of actor-director Parambrata Chattopadhyay's (interview) debut Bengali feature film Jio Kaka have been released by the producers T. Sarkar Productions of Kolkata.

Written by Aditi Majumdar and directed by Parambrata, Jiyo Kaka has an expected release date of February 11, 2011 and stars Rituparna Sengupta (interview), Rahul, Rudranil Ghosh (interview), Abhiraj (interview), Silajit, Kanchan Mallik and more. The screenplay is by Aditi Majumdar, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Rudraneel Ghosh.

Jiyo Kaka is a film about three buddies named Ritwik, Aasif and Amitabha and their dream of making a fabulous film that will change the course of Bengali cinema forever. But the ruthless industry pays no heed to their aspirations and the dream is soon shattered to bits. The most severe of the blows comes from Nilanjana, a prominent and popular actress. She rejects their script outright, calling it absurd and amateurish. Humiliated, dejected and pushed to the furthest level of desperation, frenziedly, they decide to do something preposterously radical.

The background score of Jiyo Kaka is composed by Mayukh-Mainaak (interview) whose composition for Egaro - The Eleven is also eagerly awaited.

The Bengali film songs of Jiyo Kaka are written by Shreejato and Nachiketa and directed by Anjan Dutta's able son Neel Dutta, performed by playback singers the legendary Fossil Rupam Islam, Arko Mukherjee, Armeen Musa, Anindya Chatterjee, Sayantan and Neel Dutta.

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