Bengali Movie Review: SEDIN DEKHA HOYECHILO (2010) - Tapas Pal-Kanchan Mullick shine in the DEV-Srabanti Starrer

By Aditya Chakrabarty

Tollywood Bengali Movie Hero DEV and actress SHRABANTI at SEDIN DEKHA HOYECHILO Film Release Pres Meet
Hero DEV and heroine Shrabanti - SEDIN DEKHA HOYECHILO Press Meet at Sangeet Bangla

Calcutta, Dec 27, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Tollywood film Shedin Dekha Hoyechilo (Bengali, 2010) brings back the hit pair of Dujone (buy DVD online), DEV (Audio Interview) and Shrabanti who are again paired together after this film. It is a fresh love story involving not only one couple , but two couples, Ajoy and Kavita, and Abeer and Nandini.The person who is against the relationships is the father of the two brides Neelkantha Roy, played by Tapas Pal.

Khokababu: Audio Song Promo-Trailer from Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo

Nandini’s elder sister elopes with her boyfriend on the day of her marriage. Neelkantha Roy, her father, a very strict and stern man decides to find them at any cost. He manages to locate four of Ajoy’s friends from different places and brings them over to his place out of which one of them is Abeer. He holds them captive till they tell about the couple’s whereabouts. They tell him that they don’t know anything, but no one believes them. They decide to flee one day, but Abeer falls in love with a girl though he is unable to see her face. They are again held captive.

Samidh and Rishi - music directors of Bengali Film SEDIN DEKHA HOYECHILO
Samidh-Rishi - Bengali film songs singer-composers at Sangeet Bangla
Images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Nandini comes to know one day that the girl whom Abeer had told her to locate is herself. She doesn’t tell him anything. Abeer and his friends go with Neelkantha’s men to town one day to Kavita and Ajoy where Abeer helps them to board a bus to Kolkata. Nandini’s uncle accidentally comes to know that Abeer had helped them to flee when he accidentally overhears Nandini’s conversation. The entire group is beaten badly.

Abeer and his friends as well as Nandini accompany her father to Kolkata to find the couple. Abeer even saves Nandini from goons one day and the entire group even stay in Abeer’s house. They are able to locate the couple one day, but once Kavita replies back to her father, he decides to let them go and stay in peace. The group go back home from Kolkata and Nandini’s marriage is fixed. Abeer and his friends arrive on the day of her marriage and Neelkantha somehow comes to know about their relationship. Though Abeer’s friends plan and bring Nandini away so that she can elope, Abeer decides against it and decides to go away. He is stopped at the last moment by Neelkantha who tells him to take Nandini away who also appears there.

DEV and Shrabanti are okay, but Tapas Pal is excellent. The locales, particularly Switzerland, are beautiful. There are a couple of things which don’t match like for example when Abeer is literally clubbed when Nandini’s uncle comes to know that he helped Ajoy and Kavita to flee, but still instead of being half-dead, he is nearly fresh as a daisy the next day along with his friends! The music particularly the title track is nice and the peppy number "Khokhababu" which is a big hit is going to be a chartbuster. A huge amount of money has been spent behind this song with the latest technology and foreign dancers. This song has been sung by Samidh and Rishi and they are also the composers.

The star of the show it seems turned out to be Kanchan Mullick in a special appearance who drew the largest seetis, taalis and laughs during his short span on the screen.