Ramaprasad Banik leaves this World Stage Suddenly!!!

Calcutta, Dec 27, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ramaprasad Banik, our favorite "Rama-da" the famous theatre and film personality is no more. I simply cannot believe it...he was only 55!!!

Rama-da started his career in theater in 1962 with ‘Bohurupee. ‘Since then there was no looking back for Mr. Banik. He has acted in the major productions of Bohurupee which consisted of plays like ‘Putul Khela’, ‘Dashachakra’, ‘Chhera Tar’, ‘Chaar Addhaye’ and ‘Raktakarabi’ directed under Sambhu Mitra whom he worships as a true disciple. He also acted under the guidance of Tripti Mitra and established himself as a Bengali theatre artist and playwright.

He has independently directed two plays which are ‘Atotaii’ and ‘Kaal-Bihanga’. He along with a couple of friends established ‘Chena Mukh’ in the eighties. Later he quit ‘Chena Mukh’ and founded his own theatre group Theatre Passion and produced unforgettable plays like ‘Tempest’, ‘Antar Bahir’, ‘Bhablai Bhalo’ etc has been projected. He has also been directing for groups such as Taki Natyam, Barasat Anushilani, Ajantik, Annya Theatre.

He has been awarded national scholarship and has also been acknowledged with awards by All India Critic Circle and Paschim Banga Natya Akademi. His theater has certainly taken him to places and has been acknowledged world wide. He had visited USA, Canada and UK with his theater group.
Apart from his devotion towards theater, he has also worked in numerous feature films like- SadhuBabar Lathi, Patalghar, Chabiwala, Natobar Not Out etc. and acted as a major television artiste and director of daily soaps.

He was associated with Nehru Children Museum - drama workshop division, Calcutta- where he used to train children the art of theater and direction and his efforts received tremendous acclamation.

He breathed his last, today, the 27th of December, 2010 IST 11:50 p.m. in a clinic.

May his eternal Soul Rest in Peace!!!