Bengali Movie Review: KELLA FOTE (2010) - Tollywood Gets Some Fresh Air And One Wacky Film Where N K Salil Goes Nude !

By Aditya Chakraborty

KELLA FOTE Tollywood Bengali Movie Poster-WallpaperCalcutta, Dec 25, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Kella Fate, a new Kolkata Bengali film starring a pair of newcomers Ankush and Rupasree is an extremely unusual film. What makes it unusual is it's storyline and specially it's treatment. The lead pair is fresh and definitely better than some other recent new pairs. Right from the word go, the audience is completely entertained. The story is also different from the rest of the films.

The film is about Shibu, a small town boy who grows up to be a very starry eyed boy who wants to be a superstar. But Shibu sets out for Kolkata to work as a project machine operator in a fair. Over there he comes across a girl Pallabi one day who becomes the girl of his dreams. Incidentally he saves her from some goons who had been sent by the Home Minster's son. Pallabi’s friend had been raped and killed by the Minister's son and Pallabi had organized a huge protest with some student organizations. The Minister's son had seen Pallabi later on at a wedding and had decided to marry her. Pallabi’s father had been framed on false bribery charges and for her father's sake, she had decided to get married to Bobby, the minister's son. Shibu decides to save her life and take care of her.

But one day Shibu takes her to the Home Ministe's house and hands her over to Bobby. Pallabi is shocked at Shibu's behaviour and also Shibu becomes Bobby's right hand man. He asks her to win over Pallabi with love instead of force and Bobby completely changes into a chicken from the next day. Shibu and Pallabi carry on their romance right under his eyes without him realizing anything. What are Shibu's real intentions? Is it really to save Pallabi after battling against all forces? Does he become a real life hero like his reel screen heroes? That remains to be seen.

The things that stand out in the film are Ankush's constant chattering, his constant change of behaviour which keeps the audience wondering, the music (to an extent), N.K.Salil as the astrologer and last of all Bobby’s sudden change of character into a chicken. This is a film which is strictly for the masses and though certain parts of the film might seem to be crass and crude (specially the part where N.K.Salil as the astrologer is prancing around literally in the nude and in one scene even throws away the placards to be completely nude!), it will certainly draw laughs from the audience. This is exactly what they want and it is exactly what they get. The fair hasn’t done a bad job at all and though Ankush is not tall at all, yet he is a very good dancer. The actor who plays Bobby is also responsible for the film to draw in people, however lack of known lead actors instead of fresh faces might keep some willing members of the masses away. Rajatava is getting stereotyped in roles like the one which he has played in this film.

This is one wacky film!