DVD Review: The Godfather Boxed Set (The Godfather/ The Godfather – Part II/ The Godfather – Part III)

The GodgfatherColts Neck, New Jersey, Dec 24, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) I just recently after so many years got down to watching these movies and to tell you the truth i enjoyed them all very throughly. I don't own part 2 or 3 yet but i will once amazon ships me the blu-ray restoration set. Anyways here l would like to evaluate all 3 films and disscuss my true feelings as to why i enhoy this beautiful fautless and stunning trilogy.

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First i'll explain the 1st godfather as follows. In this criticaly aclaimed masterpiece Francis ford coppola really focuses on central themes of human life such as family moral decline struggle to survive nad the changing of times. The film starts off with an elaborate wedding ceremony for the don's only daughter connie . At this wedding we quickly get a well detailed look at how this family operates . We also met several of our primary characters the reluctant son michael played brilliantly by Al pacino in all 3 films Sonny the hot tempered son played by James cann and Kay michael's girlfriend who he promised to he would never become his "Family". The film later shows a attmpt to kill the don after he refuses an offer to join the narcotics bussiness and this leads michael to step in and avenge his father which later starts his transformation into the new don. The way coppola weaves between the multiple story arcs here is great every scene , line, performance and sub-plot added to the film minor or major. The cinematography is gorgeous and the vilonce has a smart, simple yet brutally effective ring to it. The middle holds up quite well and the pacing is held together very well something the other two are good at as well. The acting is phenomal and the feeling here is really humantisic and real and it shows throghout . the dialouge is brilliant with lines you won't forget. The characters are very well-written and the ending is very memorable and intense. overall the elements , subject matter ,writing and feel of the film are very well done and beautifully written and make this film a must-see smart, humanistic , real gritty , engaging and original grade A+

next i'll explain gf 2 like this. in the very dark intense and intricate companion piece of the original GF 2 tells two very disticnt powerful expansive ambitous riveting and complex stories. One is of Michael Corleone 's fatal rise to power nad how he single-handedly destroys his life of prosper with his cold ruthless manner and young vito rising up to the top . The Flahbacks here are great Robert de Niro is perfect as the young vito and really gets into character and the flashbacks were well-written and did an outstanding job flushing out vito's history escepially the later ones . Michael's story is very good too although it does lack some of part 1's power it still is a very complex layered superb mafia tale with deep layers of phsycology and is intense and original and not some of the recycled mumbo-jumbo some sequels end up as ( ie pirates of the caribbean 3) . Michael 's plotline involves him dealing with a betrayl within the family while trying to do bussuness with a jewish gangster Hyman Roth . This storie takes michal from Havanna to New york to Miami . The best scenes are in Havanna and during the communion celebration opening which like part 1 did a brilliant job of establishing thing early on and did a great job of showing how different things have gotten for the family since Michael's new reign. Another noteworthy scene is when Michael confronts the traitor in the family or when Michael goes to Hyman Roth and asks who tried to have his associate Frank pentangli killed who is played brillianttly by Michael V. Gozzo. Diane keaton is great as kay and shares some really great moments with michael and the scene with them disscussing her leaving is amazing. The vilonce like in paer 1 is brutal , effective and chilling and works well into the plot. The themes in here of Moral disintergration , corruption , greed , treachery , loss and isoaltion are excellently handled never do we question ford coppola's reason for doing this or that it all fits and the film fits naturally nothing seems akward or mishapen or cookie-cutter or stale it always keeps itself moving. The cast in ths picture is brilliant From another amazing performance by Al pacino Great work by Diane keaton John cazale , Robby Duvall , lee strassburg Mike v gozzo and of course Robby de niro and even Tallia shire does sone good work too. The other actors are good too but the ones i metioned above i think are the best performers in the whole film. This is easily one of the best sequels of all time , smart m gripping , complex , original, brutal, intense, Dark and emotional and extermely vibrant and colorful the realism and humanity are great as well and the film paints a very good picure of a man's dark plunge toward decay and another's toward prosper and wealth. overall a great follow-up companion piece to it's predecessor and very much a must-see and brillantly acted . Grade A+

next i'll explain Gf 3 like this. In the final installment of one of cinema;s finest most interesting trilogies the film flashes foward many years to show Michael corleone as an aging old man trying to burie his past sins and leave the dirty world of crime and murder he immersed himself in part 1 and 2. The storie thickens when Michael meets Vincet Mancini Sonny's llegetimate son from part 1 . Vincet is determined to put rival gnagster joey zasa out of his misery. After a heated confrontation with joey Michael decides to keep vincet under his wing . The plot for part 3 is very emotional and well-balanced nad very intelligent and engaging and does a great job of using the backstory of the first two parts to tell the story . The acting while maybe dosen't outbeat that of part 1 and 2 is pretty good. Andy Garcia is great as Vincet mancini and Al pacino once again proves why he is MICHAEL CORLEONE this is the only guy who could really play michael the right way parts 1 2 and 3 wouldn't have been as good as they are todaywithout him. Diane keaton is strong and steady in her role and Eli wallach is good as Don altobello michael's latest adversary and Talia shire is wonderful in giving connie more edge nad pressence thiss time around. The cinematography is brilliant-looking and the music is great like in pars 1 and 2 and the vionce still is very effective and important to the film. The dialouge and writing are great overall and the ending is a powerhouse of emotion and very wellfilmed although the final shot could have been done better. For the most part part 2 is a memorable , engagin. smart and very emotional and humanistic and operatic and very fluent and graceful and the way it unfurls very intelligently and for the most parti s very well-done i mean not everything in part 3 beats out part 1 and 2 but still it is effective and entertaining and sofia coppola is not as bad as everyone says although she's no brando or pacino. GRADE A+

In conclusion this is a very memorable well-written trilogy and is a brilliant addition to cinema as a whole definitely worth looking at it can't wait to take a look at it again. 

- Kenneth Bieber