JALSAGHAR (Bengali, 1958) The Music Room Satyajit Ray's Iconic Indian Film Online VOD Release

JALSHAGHAR The Music Room Satyajit Ray Indian Movie PosterCalcutta, Dec 20, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Among the best of  brilliant films in Indian Cinema history, Satyajit Ray's JALSHAGHAR (The Music Box) opened in 1958 with the legendary performance by Chhabi Biswas with co-stars Padma Devi, Pinaki Sengupta, Gangapada Basu, Tulsi Lahiri, Kali Sarkar, Waheed Khan, Begum Akhtar, Bismillah Khan, Tulsi Chakraborty, Salamat Ali Khan and others each delivering enactments that would stay etched in the mind of cinema lovers across the world forever.

Satyajit Ray adapted the film from a powerful Bengali story by Tarashankar Banerjee. The film features none other than Ustad Vilayat Khan as the music director.

Surely a boon for Bengalis, Indians and Cinema lovers across the planet, Rajshri Bangla have released the full movie online which you can watch free by their VOD service with English subtitles by pressing the Play Button in the player below.

Debabrata Ghatak writes about Jalsaghar from India: Jalsaghar(The Music Room),made in 1958 is a masterpiece of World Cinema. It is must-see for all Ray fans in particualar and all the classic cinelovers in general.

The film is about a zamindar(landowning nobleman),played brilliantly by the great Chobi Biswas,whose tremendous passsion for staging very lavish musical arrangements ushers in his decadence.

The movie shows in flashback his best days with a happy family and most dignified presence in the sumptuous music and dance arrangements.
On the course of time,the nobleman loses money;his wife and son die in a shipwreck.

In a last and vein effort to bring back those yesterdays of glory and now-lost dignity the nobleman invests with all the money he had to stage another jalsa( musical arrangement ).

And this arrangement turned out to be his last.

The movie has got many memorable scenes notably one in the "jalsaghar" where he makes his presence felt by saying that he is the one who deserves (he being the host and organizer)to be the first giver of the token-money(as remuneration) to the artist ;and yet another one was when he gets the news of his kins' death and takes in hands restlessly his son's deadbody.
Who can forget the last scene where he becomes restless and takes out his aging stallion out of the stable and rides on it until he falls down.The scene aptly concludes the downfall of the zamindar .

Not many people know that Ray found the location of the this zamindar's palace in an awkward place in Nimtita in Bengal-Bangladesh border.
The palace in which the film was shot was actually that of the Chowdhurys and coincidentally enough the writer of "Jalsaghar",Tarashankar Banerjee, had one music loving Upendra Narayan Chowdhury (of this Chowdhury family of Nimtita) in his mind which served as the model of the Zamindaar of his story.

This is the film which can be seen time and again without getting tired.This is real genuine masterpiece.