Interview: Dr Kaushik Deb, founder of Jagat Bandhu Rural Polyclinic - a non-profit providing rural healthcare in India

Dr Kaushik Deb, Jagat Bandhu Rural Polyclinics, talks to Arijit Chakraboty
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Jagat Bandhu Rural Polyclinic Building in Chakda, Nadia, West BengalCalcutta, Dec 18, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Jagat Bandhu Rural Polyclinics is a series of upcoming rural clinic and diagnostic centers in the state of West Bengal in India. The building construction of the first of these centers is complete and ready to serve economically challenged segments of rural Bengal with focus on women and children soon. The clinic will cover some 10 neighbouring villages too. The vision is to provide quality health care with minimal charges.

The centers welcome donations and contributions in the form of money or equipment, ambulances, and so on.

The founder and director of this noble non-profit venture, Dr Kaushik Deb, talks to Arijit Chakraborty in this exclusive audio broadcast on WBRi. Apart from his commendable work in establishing quality health-care for rural India, Dr Kaushik D Deb also is group leader and senior principal scientist, Human Embryonic Stem Cells Program, Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd. and Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

It is said that a “friend in need is a friend indeed”. “Jagat Bandhu” meaning the “Friend of the World” probably indicates clearly the mission of the initiative, i.e., to “Create a friendly support system providing health care and education to the rural population”.

Besides running on a not for profit mode, the physicians will attend to the requirements of the villagers 24x 7 like their family doctors. The first clinic which is already constructed in the village (Chakdah, Nadia Dist, West Bengal, India) will cover about 15 villages in the first phase of its initiative, and will be connected through mobile/ ambulance clinics. They would also like to start a professional educational institution for the overall development of this rural township and society.

Entrance of Jagat Bandhu Rural Polyclinic Building in Chakda, Nadia, West BengalTheir vision is to boost / support the rural economy, inducing bio-technology to enhance agricultural yields, support organic farming, and create opportunities for the rural youth. However, we know that for a poor villager health is more than wealth, and we therefore wish to concentrate more on setting up the clinics in the first phase of development.

With this vision they have acquired a land and have built up a small building to start their center / clinic and other operations from. The place also needs a diagnostic center and a pharmacy store at subsequent stages of development. The plan is to invest in infrastructure, land and equipment with time and also welcome charitable funds for ambulances etc.

The place/ campus selected has good religious presence and is a popular site for villagers as hundreds of people gather annually to celebrate a religious gathering related to lord Krishna. The surrounding places also have good number of houses belonging to other religious communities.

Currently they are looking for donors and partners
1. Donations of basic medical equipment: from existing hospitals/ clinics or monetary support for it
2. Donation of an ambulance, or monetary support for it
3. Raise Rs 10 lakhs for staff salaries for resident physicians etc for 1 year

All donations will be duly acknowledged by displaying the names of the donors.

Dr Kaushik Deb can be reached via e-mail at or by telephone at +91 990 052 0141.