UNAWARE (2010) UFO Sci-Fi Horror Film Catches Movie Fans and Hollywood Off-Guard

Dallas, TX, December 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) A controversial new feature entitled "Unaware" has emerged from hiding, catching movie fans and Hollywood studios off-guard. Although the official trailer was unveiled in October, publicity did not accelerate until earlier last week, when movie sites like Dread Central and Bloody-Disgusting energetically identified the project in the latest “found-footage” trend.

The indie project has already been compared to other popular flicks of the genre; however, its producers are vehemently refuting claims that it is just another “mockumentary,” referring to box office champions "The Blair Witch Project" and Oren Peli’s "Paranormal Activity". Others speculate if this is similar in theme to Steven Spielberg’s extraterrestrial and UFO films of the 1970s and 80s, but the producers have not commented on that idea.

"Unaware" is the first collaborative effort between Sean Bardin and Robert Cooley, who previously met through eBay. The film was produced under Cooley Productions, Inc., a production company that was founded by Mr. Cooley in 2000.

Mr. Bardin and Mr. Cooley recently announced that several major motion picture companies had contacted them with interests to market and distribute the film, indicating that a theatrical release may be coming soon. Since its completion in August 2010, "Unaware" has already grabbed awards in the Accolade Competition, California Film Awards, and Los Angeles Movie Awards, respectively. It also premiered at a film festival in November, where it received critical acclaim from the panel of judges and the audience. It is expected to enter more festivals throughout 2011. When asked about a timeline for the theatrical release, the producers replied, "As soon as possible." Fans have been buzzing with excitement in anticipation for this feature film.

According to the official IMDb page, the film is an edited version of uncensored footage that was captured during a young couple’s vacation to rural Texas in July 2010. The producers have neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the footage, citing intentions to let the audience decide. Additional production details of this horror/sci-fi project have also yet to be released.

The feature is currently in the film festival circuit through May 2011, though the producers have stated that it may be pulled sooner, in the event that they strike a deal with a major distributor. Both producers have expressed optimism about securing a contract. Among high-concept films like TWC’s "Apollo 18" and Paramount’s "Area 51", the theatrical market is ripe for this kind of project.

"Unaware" now has official profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Eventful, and even MySpace. Interested readers can find out more information at http://www.unawarefootage.com. The website can also be accessed from most mobile devices, including the Android, iPad, and iPhone. The production team welcomes any feedback or inquiries, but email contact is preferred.

- prweb