WatchIndia.TV Christmas Sale - TV Box for the Special Price of $49.99

Calcutta, Dec 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) If you are a NRI missing live Indian TV shows, this Christmas our affiliate brings a fantastic sale for its customers and new users around the world - the TV set-top box price has been reduced by 50%. Now Indian TV viewers can watch all their favorite TV channels Live & VOD directly on their TV and get the TV box for the special price of $49.99 when joining one of our affiliate's yearly subscriptions. Click here for a free trial offer >

The TV box has made it possible for viewers of Indian TV channels to enjoy an outsized and evolving variety of television shows in a flexible and economical way by combining heterogeneous technology with secure network infrastructure. Users can enjoy better digital quality at a relatively low cost. All they need to do is connect the TV box to their television device and start enjoying the channels that they are subscribed to live and on demand directly from India.

The services offer full India TV channels & shows coverage to people residing in Diaspora. Zee TV, Sun TV, ETV Kannada, 9XM, Zee Marathi, NDTV Imagine, Zoom TV and many others are listed among live Indian channels.

The TV box has plenty to offer to India TV audience, from advanced features combined with ease of use to high-definition television and positive user experience. Plus, the TV box is conquering the barriers to cultural and geographic differences. The live Indian TV channels online service providers want the best for their customers and users and by lowering its TV box price by 50% they hope to give all our users the pleasure of bringing their homeland entertainment straight to their living room.

For more information on how to obtain a special Holiday sale, you will find all the information you need to sign up by clicking here and following the instructions.