Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour

Los Angeles, CA, December 09, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus/PRWEB) Singer Adam Lambert rocketed to fame with his powerful renditions of rock classics during the 2009 season of American Idol. His debut CD For Your Entertainment has topped one million in sales worldwide, and his 100-city “Glam Nation” tour sold out in nearly every venue across the U.S., Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Along the way, he has collected an armload of Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum certifications.

As he returns home this month, Lambert continues to see his star rise, with a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his hit single “Whataya Want From Me.” His Live Acoustic EP, released on December 6, 2010, soared to the number one spot on iTunes Album Charts by the next day and is receiving raves from music critics. The Houston Chronicle praised his “flawless, fearless vocals,” and said “He approaches every song with a ferocity that soars above most of today’s pop stars.”

With his affinity for diverse musical genres, Lambert does not fit neatly into a marketing pigeonhole. But his stellar vocals, good looks and showmanship have earned the devotion of fans who not only are buying his music and concert tickets, but have also poured considerable energy and ingenuity into promoting Lambert’s career.

Fans have set up blogs, orchestrated Twitter coverage of concerts and uploaded hundreds of videos to YouTube documenting virtually every performance. They tweet incessantly to spread the latest news, urge fans to vote in online polls, request his songs on the radio, tune in to his media appearances and buy his albums, singles and music videos.

Enthusiasm for Adam Lambert has pushed many fans to venture into new technological terrain, say Katherine Hollinsworth and Juneau Underwood, co-authors of a book, On the Meaning of Adam Lambert, and a popular fan blog of the same name. They have been observing the role of social media in the singer’s rise. For example, Lisa, an interior designer in Arizona, helped conceive of a web site focused on the tour, which she named GlamFansUnite, and launched a service (now called GlamFansUnite2) that creates Twitter lists of people attending concerts. The lists enable fans to find one another at venues and serves as a real-time news feed. When Lambert performed the Jimi Hendrix classic “Purple Haze” in Paris in honor of his guitarist’s birthday, tweets from the concert ignited a Twitter explosion that elevated “purple haze” to one of the most-tweeted phrases worldwide.

Another Lambert devotee, a San Diego educator known as “Suz526”, became a hero to the fandom by traveling to more than 50 concerts and systematically recording videos of each show. “I believe he is going to be iconic,” she explained, “and I felt it was important to document the rise of his career.” When the Glam Nation tour headed overseas in September, fans took up a collection to pay for Suz’s expenses so that she could follow the tour across Europe. She thanked her supporters recently in a YouTube video.

Underwood writes on the On the Meaning of Adam Lambert blog that Suz526 was astounded by the impact her videos have had: “…there are so many fans who will never have a chance to see Adam perform live. Some live too far away. Some can’t afford it. Some can’t leave their families for an evening out. Some are disabled and can’t leave their homes. One story that moved me to the core came from a woman who is losing her sight. Thanks to Suz and others who post videos, she has the chance to see Adam perform before her world goes dark forever.”

For thousands of fans, Lambert’s concerts have become like massive family reunions where people who bonded in cyberspace meet in person for the first time. Julie McCoy, known on Twitter as AZGlamFan, is one who, recognizing the intense desire of fans to meet one another, began organizing post-concert parties. For the final two concerts in Los Angeles, McCoy has spent hundreds of hours arranging celebrations at two appropriately glamorous clubs, the Bardot Hollywood VIP Lounge and ESPN Zone.

Of course, the fandom will be experiencing the tour finale virtually. Juneau & Xena’s Salon, a weekly Web radio program dedicated to Adam Lambert news, will be livecasting at 10PM EST before the show at The Music Box on December 15. Fans from Japan to Finland will be following a barrage of Tweets during the concert via GlamFansUnite2. And in the wee hours, they will be hovering over their computers, waiting for Suz526’s videos to materialize on YouTube.

12/15/10 Adam Lambert Glam Nation, The Music Box, Los Angeles
12/16/10 Adam Lambert Glam Nation, Club Nokia, Los Angeles

Juneau Underwood and Katherine Hollinsworth are available to respond to media inquiries. They are the co-authors of the book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert, available online. Underwood is a web entrepreneur, writer and editor specializing in neuroscience. She graduated from Harvard College, where she studied physics. Hollinsworth enjoyed success in business before the siren call that led to stints in politics and government. She has just launched a blog, Katherine Hollinsworth Unwrapped, of her opinion writing and essays. She graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.