WBRi Feature: SOULS - The Promising Hindi Rock Band Of The New Generation From Kolkata

Souls Hindi Rock Band From Kolkata

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Germantown, Maryland, Dec 9, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Subhomoy Mukherjee had a blast at the rehearsal pad of Kolkata's Hindi Rock Band SOULS and recorded informal chit-chats and practice sessions of the band on video.

Video: SOULS - Interview of Band Members & Practice Session Performances

Nilanjan Sen - Vocalist, SoulsVocalist Nilanjan Sen  introduces Souls in his own words as the front-man and tells us about the history of the band, the genres covered and how currently they have transformed into a Hindi rock band singing songs about a wide range of subjects from the challenges facing Indian and global economy to the sport of cricket. Nilanjan shares with us his thoughts about how and why the band is currently focusing on songs in Hindi - one of the ways to try to ensure the band's music reaches across India and even the world.

Avik Chatterjee - SoulsGuitarist Avik Chatterjee says that right from early childhood, he and his fellow band members of Soul have grown up listening to everything from Pop to contemporary rock, as well being in West Bengal, a lot of ethnic Bengali folk and baul songs as well - and the sound of Souls is an assimilation of all these influences. Avik also mentions the pervasive culture of Bangla Bands in Bengal that encourages experimentation and original composition.

Bass GuitaristSudip Kundu - Souls Sudip Kundu talks about how the members of Soul dedicate time to music in spite of having professional careers in unrelated fields, and dwells upon the difficulty in contemporary Kolkata of earning a living purely by performing music. Sudip also shares with us the impact of band members leaving and new members joining, and how Souls has endeared such events that have to be faced by a vast majority of bands across the world.

Sayan Mukherjee - SoulsSayan Mukherjee, who is about to start is professional career with a degree in engineering, adds that music is his first passion, and how he joined Souls as one of the younger members. He also talks about how his senior members in the band who seem to successfully strike a balance between their work and the band show him the way to do it.

Sourav Chatterjee - Drums, Souls

The newest band member Sourav Chatterjee tells us how coming from a musical family (one of his father's uncles was a founding member of the Calcutta School of Music) has helped him in terms of support from his family for his music, without sacrificing his academic career. Sourav would like take up music as a profession.

It has been a longtime aspiration of the Kolkata-based Indian band Souls to compose and perform original Hindi rock songs which can reflect all their diverse influences and still touch the souls of everyone around them.

And finally it all fell into place in 2006, when Souls came into existence in a small garage in Golf Green, Kolkata. From the very start the band members could feel a vibe, an undercurrent of energy which threatened to explode and obliterate all those non-believers who said that they could not rock in Hindi.

Souls Hindi Rock Band From Kolkata

The juggernaut is still rolling at an incredible speed and its not about to stop anytime in the foreseeable future. So folks, expect to continue to hear from Souls!

The band believes it is all about entertaining their audience. So, Souls live shows have a heady mix of hard, rocking numbers as well as soulful ballads and peppy pop picks. The song list comprises both originals and covers of popular Hindi tracks from contemporary bands as well as from Bollywood (Hindi film songs).

Souls do Club shows, College programs, Locality shows and Corporate Shows.

SOULS are:


SAYON & ABHIK - Guitars

SUDIP - Bass

SOURAV - Drums

Souls can be contacted by telephone at +91 983 064 3008 (Sudip) or by e-mail at souls4music@gmail.com

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