SISKI - The Sigh (Hindi, 2010) - A Chilling Night of Indian Horror Movie in Estonia

TALLINN, Estonia, Dec 4, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRUrgent) It is ten in the night at Von Krahl Theater Tallin. In the chilling night, the Indian horror film “The Sigh” (Siski) sends a chill running down the audiences’ spine. The film tells the compelling story of a young couple who move to a new house where the pregnant wife starts complaining about feeling and even seeing a stranger in the house. Her husband, a professor of psychology initially thinks that she is under stress of pregnancy, but eventually a shocking truth about past relationships is revealed under mysterious circumstances.

The occasion was “Sleepwalkers” (11th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers), the only international short film festival in Estonia, bringing together the freshest student and professional films and the most innovative visual ideas from around the world. The festival was held from 20-24th Nov 2010. Eleven years has been a period during which Sleepwalkers, together with its audience, has grown and discovered new fabulous forms in the short film genre and gained more and more international notoriety.

The thoughtful cinematography work by Vinod Veerakumar, Director of photography of the film “The Sigh” has given that edge to the film required for any film of the horror genre. The sound track of the movie designed by Audiographer Ratheesh Ravindran after putting in a lot of time and hard work, is backed by a great background score by Sudipto. The editing by Shubhojeet Bhattacharjee ensures that interest is intact until the very end of the film. Sudhir Raut and Sanchita Das play lead roles in the film with Arindam Saha and Riya Poddar in the supporting roles. The limelight of the movie is the child actor Sritama, who impresses everyone with her brilliant performance.

The Sigh (Siski) has been one of the successful student film from India this year being already screened at four different film festival around the world and more festivals coming up where it would hit the screens. The film has been so far showcased at 9th International Student Film & Video Festival (ISFVF) of Beijing Film Academy, China,” “17th International Young Filmmakers Festival of Granada (Festival Internacional De Jovenes Realizadores de Granada), Granada, Spain”; “Portobello Film Festival, London, UK” besides 11th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers Tallinn, Estonia. The film was made as final diploma film at one of India’s premier film and TV Institutes run by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI).

“I hope I can make better movie next time,’ says Nikhil Sablania, writer and director of the film “The Sigh” (Siski). The Delhi based Dalit filmmaker still feels that “The Sigh” is just a beginning of a long journey and he would make many more movies in the coming times. Horror film lovers better watch out and keep their fingers crossed for some real good stuff from the film maker in the future!

- PRurgent