Restorative Deep Healing Yoga Class in Kamloops - British Coluymbia

KAMLOOPS, BC, December 05, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / 24-7PressRelease) Ask yoga practitioners, both new and veteran, which style of the activity they find the most effective for de-stressing and most will indicate the one that involves deep, deliberate stretching, focused breathing and meditative visualization.

What they're talking about is Restorative Yoga, and its unique ability to not only heal the body but also greatly reduce stress and anxiety is making it the new class of choice for many yoga students.

At the Deep Healing Kamloops Yoga class in British Columbia, Canada, the Restorative Yoga class has proven to be a winner with local yoga enthusiasts, bringing in students of all experience levels for the uplifting session. It's a different approach, adding some strengthening and active poses in with the restorative ones. As instructor Katrina Ariel points out, they're drawn to the dual benefits this new twist on Restorative Yoga offers.

"This class is designed for deep healing and de-stressing," Ariel explained. "It is very gentle, pulsing between short periods of strong poses that anyone can do and long relaxing supported poses. This is an excellent way to soothe anxiety and bring the body into a state of self-healing."

By offering exercises that are both accessible and challenging at the same time, Ariel's Restorative Yoga class offers a unique opportunity for yoga students at the beginning and experienced levels to find success in the same classroom.

"It's a public class where all levels are welcome," Ariel said of the class, which meets on Mondays from 9 to 10:15 a.m. "This is a great class for beginners to start their yoga practice, though it is also well-loved by seasoned practitioners."

Restorative Yoga, explained Ariel, provides both physical and emotional benefits in one class. The poses get to the core of their muscle tension and relieve pressure physically, as well as melting emotional and mental tension.

Meditation and visualization are also introduced, allowing the student to connect with the natural pulsation of their own bodies. "By meditating and doing yoga in mindful awareness of your breath, heartbeat, hormones, and natural cycles remember their rhythm," Ariel said. "You re-discover, again and again, your true state of peace and the joy that it brings."

The class has been an immediate hit with previous students, with one calling the class "unique...There's nothing else like it in Kamloops." Another cheered, "I feel amazing. The balance of sweet, restful poses and a little bit of a challenge is so perfect. My body feels better than it has in a long while."

Ariel recommends Restorative Yoga for people dealing with high levels of stress, chronic conditions or anxiety problems. "Even if you're perfectly healthy," she stated, "Restorative Yoga can help you learn to slow down and relax."

Katrina Ariel teaches both a Deep Restorative Yoga Class in Kamloops as well as the Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp which is a fun fitness boot camp that incorporates aspect of yoga, nutrition, and fitness.

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