Hing Ting Chot (2010) Bengali Film Review and Movie Premiere Report - Soumitra Chatterjee-Madhabi Mukherjee

By Subhomoy Mukherjee
WBRi Kolkata Special Correspondent

[image: Soumitra Chatterjee and Madhabi Mukherjee in Hing Ting Chawt Tollywood Bengali Film]
Soumitra Chatterjee and Madhabi Mukherjee in Bengali film Hing Ting Chot (2010)

Calcutta, Dec 5, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) On 2nd December, 2010 evening, Priya, the popular destination for South Calcuttan Movie-goers, has experienced premiere of Hing Ting Chawt - an effort by GBC Enterprises Ltd as their first feature film venture after making some famous documentaries.

Tollywood hero Samadarshi and Bengali actress Ankita in Hing Ting chawt
Rajatava Dutta, Soumitra Chatterjee in Hing Ting Chot (2010)
Samadarshi, Ankita, Soumitra Chatterji in Hing Ting Chawt Bengsali Movie
Stills from Tollywood Kolkata Bangla film Hing Ting Chowt

Hing Ting Chat is a unique venture as it is made to promote tourism venture of GBC itself !

Directed by Anasua, cinematographed by Barun, edited by Sumit, the film has a strong cast line including Soumitro Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee, Sudipa Basu, Rajatava Dutta, Lama, Samadarshi, Ankita and others.

Music of the film, directed by Mayukh and Mainak, is pleasant to listen with good playback support by Rupankar, Pota and Swati.

We must say about locations of the film – just beautiful !

The film is basically a comedy blended with fantasy, romance, magic, fun, ambition etc.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, hero Akash (Samadarshi) is going to some unknown destination. On the way he has met entrepreneur Mr. D K Lodh and his wife Latika. They met magician Kuhak (Soumitro Chatterjee) who carries a magic box contains a magic digital girl “Sonali’ (Ankita) who shows play with forks. On the stage, Akash has met Sonali and fell in her love. On the way, Akash’s suitcase has changed with Kuhak’s and there starts the actual story.

The acting is good for all but the film cannot reach a destination as the message is not clear. The film takes some instances of Ray films or stories like Charulata or Bakshobadal but the treatment has missed something, specially the “love” scenario is quite childish.

But the film is more with positive aspects so everybody should watch the film.