Movie Review: RAKTA CHARITRA 2 (2010) - Measured RGV Finale to the Blood-Bath

By Nilanjann Nandy


Calcutta, Dec 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) I generally make it a point to see my favorite director's film on it's first day of release. I am a film buff since a mere boy of ten; traveling through typical Bollywood commercial hits and through most of the Hollywood releases too, I have traveled through some unforgettable films from the  Masters of World Cinema, namely Satyajit Ray, Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha, M.S.Sathyu, Ozu, Felini, Tarkovsky, Kazan, Jean L Godard (especially the 60's 'Alphaville' and 80's 'Detective'), Truffaut and Almodovar.

Theatrical Trailer: Rakht Charitra Part 2

The directors listed above will always remain as my favorite directors of World Cinema and I try to catch them the very first day, or at least the first one to hire the DVD when its hitting the stores allover.

I still remember the multi-star cast Hindi Movie "The Burning Train" which released sometime around 1980 and could not get the tickets for any show in any one of the 3 cinema halls where this B.R.Chopra production the "The Burning Train" had released. But I was hell bent on seeing the movie that very day, so I went off to Barasat (nearly 40 kms away, my aunty's place) and watched the movie in a cinema hall called Sarama; I believe it's still there."

Film-on ke liye mera 'junnon' (obsession) ab bhi waisa hi hai"...

Speaking of my first day shows it brings down to today's harassment in a new multiplex situated in Rajarhat which had canceled the show (for no apparent reason what-so ever) of  Rakta-Charitra 2, and that brought me to one of the plexes in Salt Lake and voila! I got the ticket and entered Audi 1 to watch the same.

The movie started, but what is this?? I am watching scenes from Rakta Charitra 1  unfold itself  and after nearly 20 minutes of the partial part 1 of the movie, Rakta Charitra 2 begins with a freeze shot of Suriya in an off-beat posture! The whole film screams against violence and in it's last end-title roll, the credits for the awesome movie begins in Black & White.

Ram Gopal Verma has used a very stylized kind of camera work where the whole frame mostly rotates to a direct right angle and then further down to the full 360 degree turn! In at least 2  instances he has used ultra slow motion for a duration of more than 15 minutes at a stretch.Especially the court action scene and the attempt to kill Surya in jail!

Surya of 'Ghajini' fame enacts the role of Surya, who is determined to settle scores with Pratap [Vivek Oberoi]. Surya's decision to eliminate Pratap raises several questions. What was his [Surya] background, what forced him to take this extreme step, what was the driving force behind his act, was it really justified? The Part 2 is based around the conspiracy theories enveloping the elimination of Pratap.

The first part of Rakta Charitra ended up creating enthusiasm for Rakta Charitra 2. One discovered, in the final moments of Rakta Charitra 1, that vengeance had a new face and his name was Surya. The story of Rakta Charitra 2, therefore, is crucial since those unaware of what actually transpired between the two warring factions would get their answers in this part. In fact that is the sole reason why Rakta Charitra 2 begins with a recap of the crucial moments of the first part and only after the lengthy summary concludes does the story of Rakta Charitra 2 unfold.

History repeats itself, and the chain-reaction to violence never ends...

Wonderful performances by Surya, Vivek Oberoi, Shatrughan Sinha, Radhika Apte, Priyamani and Zarina Wahab, but Surya and Radhika stands out with their brilliant portrayals, however.

The background score by Dharam-Sandeep hits the perfect high with an innovative sound design and the note combination.

Rakta Charitra 2 is definitely more engrossing and gripping than it's first part which released on the 22nd of October 2010. Rakta Charitra 2 has less gore and violence compared to the R C 1 movie, but it's here that R C 2 hits the perfect chord!

Though the film ends with a very interesting frame where Radhika is shown cradling Vivek's son in her lap while Surya gives an interview over the television, and the camera zeroes in on the face of the baby, is frozen and then turns red...

One can easily guess a RC 3 in the making, but the end credits also has a single card where Ram Gopal Verma explains why he made this movie, and it's mostly because he wants to instill the idea of Gandhiji - "An Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" theory into the brain of his fans and viewers of this particular movie.

I guess it will hit home with a bang for quite a few that "revenge and action leads us nowhere..." the killing never stops...!!!

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