New British Visa Rules Explained

Calcutta, Dec 2, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / openPR)The UK immigration cap announced by the government features a range of tight restrictions and drastic reductions in UK visa numbers.

The UK Government has announced a permanent cap of 21,700 on skilled immigration to take effect in April of 2011. Moreover, Tier 1 UK Visa will be restricted to entrepreneurs, investors and 'exceptionally talented' individuals and Tier 2 UK Visa will be restricted to graduate level occupations.

The government's planned cap on immigration is unlikely to affect the numbers of IT workers from outside the European Union taking up positions in the UK, according to industry groups. The cap, announced by Home Secretary Theresa May on Tuesday, will limit the number of non-EU staff who can come to the UK to work.

"At least 30 percent of Tier 1 migrants work in low-skilled occupations such as stacking shelves, driving taxis or working as security guards and some don't have a job at all," May said.

Business secretary Vince Cable has openly criticised the UK immigration cap.

"It's no great secret that in my department and me personally, we want to see an open economy, and as liberal an immigration policy as it's possible to have," Cable said while on a trip to India.

Although many of the recommendations made by the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) were ignored, the changes are partially based on them.

- openPR