Indian Sab TV Channel Lapataganj Live Hindi Show - Sutti’s Shop In Trouble ?

Indian TV Channel SAB TV Show

Mumbai, Dec 02, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog ) In Lapataganj Live part 1 (Ep 233, TX- 2nd Dec, 2010), a government official named Kanya kumara arrives at sutti’s shop and tells him that his shop is illegal if he doesn’t have property papers with him. Sutti has already lost the papers so the official ordered him to purchase the shop form the government otherwise government will forfeit that property. Sutti laal has to pay 5 lacks for the shop which he doesn’t have. Mukundi arrives to solve the problem and finds that the government official Kanya kumara is his old time friend from college. Mukundi is forced to talk to Kanya kumara for Sutti laal by Lapataganj people on personal level. Mukundi goes to KK’s office and here he comes to know that KK was in deep love with him in their college days, she suggests Mukundi to involve media in this matter they might help sutti save his shop. Mukundi shares the idea to people and everybody agrees to it now suttilaal has to keep hunger strike to save his shop.

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In Lapataganj Live part 2 (Ep 234, TX- 6th Dec, 2010), Sutti starts his hunger strike. People from government arrive to break sutti’s shop but Lapataganj people resist them doing this and invaders runs away. Media arrives and they manipulate the situation that sutti is going to die for sure if government will forfeit his shop. Everybody is shocked of media’s reaction of this matter. Opposition leader arrives to support sutti in his rebel against government. Sutti is compelled to fast till death. Mukundi regret his decision of bringing media in this matter. Sutti is restless and badly stuck in this matter.

In Lapataganj Live part-3(Ep 235, TX- 7th Dec, 2010), Minister arrives and warns sutti that he should not do this instigated by the opposition. Sutti is scared. Here reporter want to shoot reactions of Lapataganj people on Sutti’s death so he tells Mausi about sutti, Mausi started crying so is Surili, Kachua makes Mausi understand that everything is fine. Sponsers are coming for sutti’s death telecast and Biji Pandey collects money from them, Mukundi is devastated of all this. By sponsors suttilaal gets 2.5 lacs Rs. Doctor declares that suttilaal is not able to resist the fast. All decides to make suttilaal break his fast but media resists them doing that and warns them that if they will do that they will face serious legal consequences of cheating the public. Mukundi has an idea in his mind to control the situation and save sutti laal.

In Lapataganj Live part-4(Ep 236, TX- 8th Dec, 2010) Mukundi makes people understand what they have to do. Everybody gets ready for that. Next day we see everybody protesting against sutti that sutti is a cheat he is pretending death only to escape the loan he has taken form everybody in Lapataganj. Media is now restless by knowing that because they have already promoted his death as rebel against government. Now Biji and Guddu comes as other media person and starts covering everyone’s protest against suttilaal. Now the media channel wants a compromise form Lapataganj people on this matter to rescue their image in the public. Now mukundi suggest them to pay everyone’s loan and get rid of the situation. Channel pays them 5lac for this. Mukundi gives the money to Kanyakumari for sutti’s shop and sutti now owns his shop. Media channel is shocked of this cheating. We end the episode on mukundi teaching them the right lesson of media job.