Bengali Film Preview: The Speed Do Or Die (2010) with Bangladeshi-Malayasian-Russian-Mexican Cast - Trailer-Poster-Synopsis

image: the speed do or die Bangladeshi movie poster

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dec 2, 2010(Washington Bangla Radio) The Bangladeshi action-thriller Bengali movie The Speed: Do Or Die features belly dancing by dancers from Iran as well as sizzling dances by dancers from Russia, India and Malayasia, according to the notes on the poster (above). The Malayasian dance segment has been choreographed by Jo Jo Khan from Mumbai, India's Bollywood film industry. The action director for fight sequences in Malayasia is William.

One of the top Bangladeshi heroes Alamgir plays the role of the antagonist (villain) in The Speed.

The role of the hero is played by Ananto from Bangladesh.This is the 2nd film starring action hero Ananta.

Hot international actresses Parveen from Malaysia and Nana from Russia add additional glamor to the film. Others in the lead star cast include Digi from Bangladesh and Nino from Mexico.

The Speed is produced by M A Jalil Ananto and directed by Shohanoor Rahman Shohan.

With its overwhelming action and masala ingredients, The Speed should be destined to be a super-hit.

Watch the promo-preview theatrical trailer of Bangla movie The Speed.