Blame It All On Sadhu Charan and laugh all the way ! Bye Bye Bangkok (2011) Bengali Film Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

The Cast And Crew Of Bye Bye Bangkok (Bengali, 2011) after the premiere in Kolkata; Picture: Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) When was the last time you saw a rib tickling Bengali comedy? When was the last time you were in complete splits and thoroughly enjoyed a Bengali film in recent times without ever having to think anything?

The answer to all these questions is 'Bye Bye Bangkok' if you have seen this film, otherwise it is highly recommended! This comedy is about four couples - Avijit Banerjee who runs his own software company. His secretary who is completely absent minded and has got a terrible memory always goes with him wherever he goes. His wife Anwesha and her driver plan to go abroad thanks to Anwesha who thinks of this plan when her husband lets her down at the last moment when they are supposed to go abroad. Her husband also lands up in Bangkok with his secretary.

Though it might seem a little confusing, however when one sees the film it is absolutely crystal clear. What makes the film worth watching is the chain of events and the characters themselves. Barring Shilajit and Anjana Basu who play somewhat serious characters as they are used to playing and it suits them and have done a very good job, all the rest of the characters are delightfully funny. Let’s start with Rudranil as Sadhu Charan who is suddenly asked to accompany his employer’s wife to Bangkok and eavesdrops in front of bedrooms at night as he happens to pass by them at that time! Then you have Locket as Anwesha who suddenly decides to take off with her driver abroad. We have Priyatosh played by Kanchan , a salesman of biscuits who is promoting a scheme called ‘Biscuit Khao Pattaya Jao’ when during one of his sales call, his life completely changes. Kanchan is delightful to say the least and will one of the biggest attractions to watch the film. His wife Nandita who dreams of becoming a big ad film model and is going around with Milon is somewhat a saucy character is played by Kanchana is excellent. Then you have Milan, a real estate guy who laughs to show off in English (though he can’t speak the language) and his wife Pritha running her own N.G.O who always dreams of getting award without doing anything! We have Priya Karfa a madwoman who roams around in the hotel, tells whoever she comes across that she is the wife of a don and she is the mafia! Simply delightful! HA! HA! The film is marvelous because of the characters, their charectistics and more over the actors or actresses who are playing them. That includes Biswajit Chakrabarty as the owner of the travel agency through which all of them are flying to Bangkok. Swastika and Neil also complement each other very well and especially Swastika as Avijit‘s secretary with the very forgetful memory is very good. You also feel for these her and Sadhu Charan Das played by Rudranil when they are dumped by their respective employers after being utilized and they are basically left to keep each other company.

The film features more or less the same group of actors barring a few additions or subtractions from Cha E Chuti (BUY BENGALI MOVIE DVD IN USA FOR $2.75!), Aniket Chattopadhyay’s debut film which was a surprise hit considering it was a very unusual film and it was very difficult to say what was exactly the genre of the film is. That film along with Byomkesh Bakshi had been produced by Kaustav Roy of R.P. Techvision and both had been big hits. Needless to say that even this film will be a very big hit because of the nature of the film as it is a situational comedy and everything works for the film. The response of the public towards this film from day one has been encouraging and it will become better and bigger as each day passes. Pattaya, especially the blue waters and the beaches along with the rocks have been captured beautifully by P.B.Chaki, the cinematographer of the film who also appears in a scene at the beginning and the end. He also doubles up as the narrator. The music is very good though there are hardly any songs. There are sort of interjections should one say when characters express surprise at moments which suit the flavour of the film. The film also brings out the irony of married couples and what many couples face in their daily lives. The film has hints of a sex comedy but in a very clever and concealed way though it is not exactly one and this is one of the plus points of the film. The one liners and slogans like the one on the tee-shirt which Anirban (Shilajit) is wearing stand out.

Kudos to Aniket Chattopadhyay who came up with such a brainwave of a story and after Choye Chuti , he has come up with a sure winner and if he again manages to come up with something unique in his third film, he would have scored a hattrick! R.P.Techvision has already scored a hat trick.

BYE BYE BANGKOK (Bengali, 2011)

Swastika Mukherjee (interview)
Rajatava Dutta
Silajit Majumdar
Anjana Basu (interview)
Rudranil Ghosh (interview)
Kharaj Mukherjee (interview)
Neel Mukherjee
Locket Chatterjee (interview)
Kanchan Mallik
Sonali Choudhury
Kanchana Moitra (interview)
Biswajit Chakrabarty
Priya Karfa
Kunal Padhi
Phalguni Chatterjee
Rajesh Sharma


Directed by Aniket Chattopadhyay (interview)
Songs by Silajit Majumdar, Malabika Brahma (download MP3 audio songs) & Others

Produced by R. P. Techvision (India) Pvt. Ltd.