Movie Review: Teen Tanaya (Bengali, 2011) - Sukla Mitra portrays three Tagore poems on the big screen

By Aditya Chakraborty

[Bengali Film Director SUKLA MITRA]
Shukla Mitra, Director, Teen Tanaya (Bangla, 2011) Feature Film

Actress Rupanjana and actor Bhaswar
Rupanjana and Bhaswar

Calcutta, Jan 29, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Shukla Mitra, a Tagore buff who has made two TV serials before based on the works of Tagore has made her first feature film called Tin Tanaya. The film is based on three poems of Tagore - Koni, Camellia and Phanki. The poems are all named after the three female protagonists and the film has been made centred around them. The film is a family affair for Sukla because one of the female protagonists is played by her daughter, Bengali TV actress Rupanjana and the music director is Gautam Mitra, her husband.

The film stars actors or actresses who are basically from the small screen, like Debottam and Sudipta in the first segment, Bhaswar and Soumili in the second segment and Saheb Chattopadhyay and Rupanjana in the third and final segment.

The first segment ‘Koni’ is about a tomboyish girl who is very friendly with her childhood friend Amal who stays very near to her house. Her father doesn’t approve of her relationship with him and she gets married off to a person of her parent’s choice as by this time her Amal has gone abroad for higher studies. Their paths again cross when he comes back one day. It is too late for him to marry her as she is already married to someone else and they can't be together any more. In this segment, Debottam hardly has any role or presence to talk about, but Sudipta is good as Koni as is Kharaj Mukherjee (interview) as her stern father and Rwita Dutta Chakrabarty as her mother. The music is not that impressive.

In the second segment ‘Camellia’ which is a very modern interpretation of the character in today’s modern world and the look is extremely contemporary. It is about Nalin, a commercial artist who falls in love with Kamala at first sight and follows her on a tram every day. He tries to woo her through his friend Apurba who knows her family well. He comes to know that she is going to Darjeeling with her friends so he lands up there. Their paths cross and she recognizes him. He does not speak to her. He takes the seed of the Camellia plant with him to Ghatsila. He meets a tribal girl called Mungli there who tends to him. He comes to know that Kamala has come there with her friends, but it is a repeat of events of what took place at Darjeeling and also he comes to know that Kamala has a boyfriend. He is dejected. One day the Camellia plant blossoms into a full grown flower. He calls Mungli and expresses his love for her. Bhaswar as Nalin is good as is Biswanath Basu as Apurba, but Soumili is wasted as Kamala as she literally had no scope here to act much. The actors playing the part of Kamala’s friends are not impressive at all and also the songs which Bhaswar has given lips to, the playback singer's voice certainly does not suit Bhaswar.

Bengali Singer - Actor SAHEB CHATTOPADHYAY

The third and final segment ‘Phanki’ is about a girl called Binu who has everything life could ask for, but after her marriage she is diagnosed with an incurable illness. Her illness makes everyone unhappy specially her husband. When the doctor suggests that she could take a holiday which might improve her health, she comes in contact with reality for the first time and sees the poverty outside. After she passes away, her husband can not even fulfill her wish of paying Rs 25 for the marriage of a sweeper’s daughter as she is nowhere to be found when her husband goes to look for her. This segment by far is the best though it is very slow and the most tragic of the lot. The reason is the acting of Saheb and Rupanjana and also songs sung by Saheb and Sriradha Banerjee. The moment these two sung a couple of songs, it made all the difference and Rupanjana playing the ever suffering Binu with Saheb playing her supportive husband raises the level of the film up a few notches.

This is a very decent effort from Sukla Mitra who has previously made ‘Noukadubi’ for Zee Bangla and ‘Chokher Bali’ for Akash Bangla. The film has been shot in Darjeeling, Ghatshila and Kalimpong. The scenery is very nice. The theme of all the segments in the film is tragedy which is definitely not an easy genre to handle.

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